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Thread: Add RAM to the Samsung NC10

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    Add RAM to the Samsung NC10

    Hello friends,, I am having Samsung NC10 laptop. And as you all know NC10 carries only 1 GB of Ram.. I need to increase it to 2GB.. I dont know how to that. Could you all guys help me in this case ?

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    Re: Add RAM to the Samsung NC10

    Well sir,, ofcourse we can help you.. Firs of all i'll like to make you know that the NC10 has only one DIMM slot, so unfortunately you will have to replace its default stick of RAM in order to upgrade. So all you need to increase your NC10 Ram is mini philip's head screwdriver and a 2GB DDR2 PC5300 SODIMM.Now follow this steps:-

    1. Open Upgrade Hatch:-

    • Turn the NC10 over so its bottom is facing you.

    • Loosen and remove the screw holding the upgrade hatch in place.

    • Pry off the hatch.

    2. Remove Original DIMM:-

    • Gently pull the retaining clips holding the presintalled DIMM in place until the module pops loose.

    • Pull out the old DIMM and place it to the side. You won't need it anymore.

    3. Insert Your New DIMM:-

    • Pick up the DIMM and position it so that the teeth are facing the slot and the groove on the DIMM aligns with the notch in the slot. Most likely, the DIMM will need to be placed sticker down.

    • Insert the DIMM at a 45-degree angle, pushing until it snaps into plaece and the retaining clips snap into the grooves on either side of it.

    4. Close and Test the NC10:-

    • Snap on the upgrade hatch.

    • Insert and tighten the screw holding the upgrade hatch in place.

    • Power on the computer. If the computer fails to boot (particularly if you hear a beep), remove the battery to kill the power and open up the chassis again. Your new DIMM is either installed incorrectly or is the wrong kind of DIMM.

    • Hit the F2 key right away to enter the BIOS.

    • Select the Main tab. You should see the new amount of RAM.

    • Hit Esc to exit. You can choose to save changes or not. It doesn't make a difference.

    Thats it...

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    Re: Add RAM to the Samsung NC10

    To avoid static damage, always ground yourself before working on the inside of a computer.

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    Re: Add RAM to the Samsung NC10

    Thank you very much friends for helping me.. I do the steps and get back to you...

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