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Thread: OCZ Technology Eclipse and Behemoth Laser Gaming Mice

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    OCZ Technology Eclipse and Behemoth Laser Gaming Mice

    OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra high performance and high reliability memory and components, today unveiled two new mice ideal for users seeking an inexpensive gaming solution. Featuring a solid design, maximum functionality, and programmable customization unique to each user, the Behemoth and Eclipse are built with the hardcore gamer in mind. Both mice offer a competitive edge with quality ergonomics and advanced features designed for both gaming and productivity applications.

    Gaming in high resolutions and fast-paced scenarios requires a specialized mouse that is built with both comfort and speed in mind. Both the Behemoth and Eclipse offer the ability to fine-tune the optimal balance of the mouse for superior control and feel with the included weight cartridges. Each mouse supports data-upload to the on-board memory, providing instantaneous “plug and play” settings, without the need for additional software to unlock the advanced functions. Additionally, real-time shifting between four configurable personal profiles makes the mice perfect for both working and gaming.

    The Eclipse features a time-honored compact style, complete with a no-slip rubber coating for hours of intensive sessions. The specialized gaming-grade double laser engine offers motion reporting up to 60 inches per second, and accelerations covering the demands for various applications in either low 100 DPI or ultra-fast 2,400 DPI settings. Change the speed anytime during combat with the DPI toggle switch, and the LED status indicator gives on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment to match mouse speed to your game environment.

    Designed for high-quality performance without the high price, the OCZ Behemoth and Eclipse gaming mice are the pinnacle of “bang for you buck” with unique customization options, switchable profiles, and unsurpassed style and ergonomics.

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    Re: OCZ Technology Eclipse and Behemoth Laser Gaming Mice

    The Behemoth sports a large, ergonomic, and sturdy design with a comfortable no-slip rubber grip, ideal for users that prefer a more sizeable mouse. The OCZ Behmoth’s similar gaming-grade double laser engine provides uncompromising high-precision and ultra-fast tracking power up to 60 inches per second, and accelerations in either low 100 DPI up to turbo-charged 3200 DPI settings.

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