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Old 19-03-2009
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GadgetShieldz full body scratch-guards for Ipod Touch 2G - Tips

Hi, I am about to install Gadgetshieldz scratch protection skins for my new Ipod Touch 2nd Generation. Has anybody got any tips for installation which is not mentioned on their installation page ?

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Old 19-03-2009
Dr. V
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Re: GadgetShieldz full body scratch-guards for Ipod Touch 2G - Tips

Using a leather case would beat the purpose of buying an Ipod Touch 2G . GadgetShieldz is actually a different thing altogether. These so called transparent skins will scratch-proof the entire device (using seperate pieces for front and back) with a 0.2mm thin transparent scratch protection film. They claim its touch and durable. But I need opinions before taking the plunge.

From my research, i have checked out InvisibleShield which claims to be the same thing but is 25$ (more than 3 times the cost of GadgetShieldz). So if possible pls suggest me any cheaper alternatives on those lines with Free-Shipping?

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Old 19-03-2009
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Re: GadgetShieldz full body scratch-guards for Ipod Touch 2G - Tips

The installation tips that are given on that site are enough for proper installation of that GadgetShieldz to your Ipod Touch 2nd Generation. If you have not seen those tips, I will write them here for you.

Gadgetshieldz Full-Body Scratch Protection Skins

These are the installation tips -
  1. You can use a hair dryer on the lowest and coolest setting and blow dry the Gadgetshieldz immediately after aligning it correctly. This would speed up the drying time and then quickly you can work on the corners and side flaps for them to stick down.

  2. Remember, alignment is the most important part of the installation as it would ‘blend’ your Gadgetshieldz with the device giving it a perfect seamless look. Start aligning the Top first, then the sides and finally the bottom. You can keep any of the Cut portions or holes in a skin aligned as the reference point and then start aligning rest of the skin. There’s no harm in checking the alignment after each and every little adjustment in placement of the Gadgetshieldz, following this even when you are squeezing out the solution as the Gadgetshieldz might move during this procedure. For smaller pieces, use your fingers to squeeze out the solution.

  3. If there are portions of the Gadgetshieldz (most probably the side or corner flaps) which are not sticking , just give another 10-15 minutes for the solution to evaporate. Once those flaps dry out a little, you can press them against the device using your thumb or palm for around 30-45 secs and they will stick down properly on the device.

  4. We recommend using the test piece of Film included to determine the solution is just slippery enough prior to installing the actual Gadgetshieldz on the device.

  5. We recommend using the soap solution in a spray bottle to make the film wet.

  6. Don’t remove any piece if it has set for a period of more than 4-5 minutes. If you do need to take out any particular piece for re-installing before this period, wet your fingers and take it out carefully so that you don’t stretch it and then wet the sticky side again before laying and aligning it.
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