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Thread: USB Arrow Optical Mouse

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    USB Arrow Optical Mouse

    What if you can a mouse with usb facility. You say that it's nothing new. But what if the usb mouse is in the shape of an arrow mark which we usually see as a pointer on our computer screen when we make a move with a mouse. Yes the white color arrow pointer which we usually have in order to choose, drag, click and for several othre applications.

    A great technology product manufactuere named brando has come up with the USB Arrow Optical Mouse. This compact and efficient mouse has 800dpi, a scroll wheel and a retractable USB cable. It works with either your main computer or your notebook. The usb arrow optical mouse is available in red or black color.

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    Re: USB Arrow Optical Mouse

    USB Arrow Optical Mouse is designed as an Arrow shape. Compact and ergonomic easy-to-grab design. Comfortable fit for right or left hand.

    The USB cord retracts and extends, at its shortest it is 7cm, at the longest it’s 75cm.


    • Resolution: 800dpi
    • Plug and play
    • High accuracy and reliability
    • USB interface
    • Long using life
    • Retractable USB cable design
    • Cable length:
    • Min. length: 7cm
    • Max. length: 75cm
    • 2 colors available: Red and Black
    • Size: 70x138x40mm (approx.)
    • Weight: 59g

    Package Contents:
    USB Arrow Optical Mouse

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    Re: USB Arrow Optical Mouse

    great optical mouse buddy. Can u provide me sthe price detail of this product

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    Re: USB Arrow Optical Mouse

    It will cost you approximately 600 Rs. The britter side is you get two amazingly vibrant colors i.e balck and red

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