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Thread: Scope Node Mouse : as Precise as a Pen

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    Scope Node Mouse : as Precise as a Pen

    In one of their ads, Elecom claims their new Scope Node Mouse is “like you’re holding a pen.” In addition there are three mouse buttons and an exposed scroll wheel; the latter is a full 27mm circumference for more precise control. The whole thing connects via USB and weighs in at 123g excluding the cable.

    It has a laser sensor (1600dpi) placed where a pen point was located once in your hand… Thanks to its off-center laser, Elecom claims a great level of precision.The “BOTANREZAMAUSU” (I think that’s “Button Razor Mouse”) costs about $65

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    Re: Scope Node Mouse : as Precise as a Pen

    The tagline actually is "like you're holding a pen" because the slightly radical-looking mouse has its laser optical system roughly at the corresponding point where a pen held in your hand would rest. Elsewise there's the usual buttons under the fingertips, and a scroll-wheel with an open framework design that will probably collect less fluff than some other mice seem to (I'm looking at you, Apple Mighty Mouse.) The laser optics give the device a 1600dpi accuracy, and it's a wired USB item.

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    Re: Scope Node Mouse : as Precise as a Pen

    Think about this: the mouse body of the Scope Node is a solid object. It doesn't change shape when you're mousing--so the site for optics on the mouse is more or less arbitrary. Move the mouse about and a sensor in the center, at Elecom's "pen-tip" location or in anywhere will detect the movement identically

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