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Thread: Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player

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    Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player

    SAMSUNG's MP3 player with Direct USB, FM Radio and Voice Recording adds a lot more colour to your musical life, Thats Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player.Its Touch Control MP3 Player is a stylish audio player that is quite small in stature and yet big in features. It also has a touch control feature for its functions.

    The Samsung YP-U3 is a economical, no frills flashed based media player that succeeds Samsung's previous offering with the U2, and competes directly with the latest releases from Sansa and Apple. With a slim, lightweight design and a four line OLED display, Samsung's 2GB U3 doesn't look like much, but housed within the slim black chassis is one of the best flash media players we've reviewed. Combining excellent sound quality with all the features we've come to expect from such a player, the YP-U3 is a great solution for those who want music on the go.

    The Samsung YP-U3 player is compatible with MP3, WMA and Ogg file types and the battery life is a claimed 15 hours. The display is a 1'' OLED that from the looks of it crams lots of data onto .the tiny screen. The new YP-U3 keeps the odd blue light around the USB connector that the previous generations of the player had.

    Light as a pen, the compact design features a USB connector that slides out easily—just press a button on the side to bring it out. Connect to your PC for data downloads or to recharge. Now, you can save files like reports, documents and more without having to lug around a cable.

    Choose from 5 colourful models and various accessories matching each model. Take your pick of a feast cute colours, from white to green, pink, blue and black. Then pair it up with accessories—sleek and clean transparent clip, earphones and an earphone reel—in colours that complement.


    1. The Samsung YP U3JZB Touch Control MP3 Player comprises touch control sensors

    2. Its flash memory has a capacity of 2 GB.

    3. It also has a display that has a 4 line detail of an inch in size. Its display resolution is at 128 by 64.

    4. It makes use of a lithium polymer battery that has 15 hours of playback time at most.

    5. Plays formats such as WMA files, ASF files, OGG files, and MP3 files.

    6. It also has a built in FM radio tuner. Voice recording is also possible with this media player using the MP3 format.

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    Re: Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player

    The best thing about the U3 is its sound quality. We've noticed a general increase in the quality of audio produced by flash based media players in the past year or so, and the U3 is a prime example of this. Its sound is quite laid back with quick bass that doesn't extend too deeply, giving a smooth tone.The YP-U3 features voice recording for up to 66 hours of continuous recording (at 1GB/32kbps) —that's enough to record a full lecture. It also comes complete with the functions of an FM radio receiver, adjustable playback speed, A-B repeat and more.

    Freedom of choice

    Create and enjoy your own playlists of any selection of tunes. You can even preset up to 20 FM radio stations for easy access. So whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll get it fast with the YP-U3.

    Touch, customisable buttons

    Touch buttons, not hard-pressing buttons, provide a clean design with any projections on the surface. Just touch lightly, and you can easily navigate the menu, control the volume and operate other functions.What’s more, the YP-U3 lets you set shortcuts in Custom Button Mode during playback.

    Longer play, quicker transfers

    With a built-in Li-Polymer battery, recharging is very easy and you can enjoy music continuously for up to 15 hours on a fully charge. Plus with USB 2.0, you can send and receive files quickly between your player and PC.

    The Samsung YP-U3 is available in 1GB, 2GB or 4GB capacity and is available at Us $ 90.00

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    Re: Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player

    The U3 is a cute little mp3 player.It looks like a stick of gum, has a cool retractable USB connector and feels right at home clipped to our shirt. But would we want to take it running with us? Despite its shortcomings, the U3 is a device we would definitely use, especially while working out.

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