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Thread: Removing USB device restarts PC itself

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    Removing USB device restarts PC itself


    Whenever I remove and USB device like Flash drive or card reader "safely" my computer restarts.Can anyone help me? How do i stop this? Using windows xp.

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    Re: Removing USB device restarts PC itself

    I've heard about such a problem on Windows2000. I think it is somehow related to a bad/defective USB driver. Try re-installing new USB Drivers on your Opertaing System. good luck

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    Re: Removing USB device restarts PC itself

    You should always be sure that you properly unmount the drive. Here's how:

    1. Open the My Computer icon on the desktop.

    Or, somehow display the contents of the My Computer window.

    2. Locate the category heading Devices with Removable Storage.

    Choose View --> Arrange Icons by --> Show in Groups if you can't find the Devices with Removable Storage area.

    3. Click to select the removable disk.

    In many cases, the disk has a generic icon associated with it, though some USB gizmos may sport a unique icon.

    4. Choose File --> Eject from the menu.

    5. Unplug or detach the USB disk drive.

    Note that the icon may not disappear from the My Computer window until the device is detached.

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    Re: Removing USB device restarts PC itself

    • Try it in a different USB port.
    • Update your Windows 2k to the latest hotfixes.
    • Try reapplying SP4.
    • Update all drivers especially your chipset drivers.
    • Apply any special specific patches Dell might have for your machine.
    • Flash the BIOS to the latest.

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