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Thread: Samsung Tocco F480

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    Samsung Tocco F480

    "Tocco" Sounds Strange. Actually this word ‘Tocco’ means ‘Touch’ in Italian.The new Samsung F480 Tocco has been launched on O2 in the UK. The Samsung Tocco F480 is similar in look and design to the popular Samsung Armani phone. The Tocco has an updated UI, giving an improved user experience to previous touch screen phones.F480 mobile phone will dazzle you with a revolutionary touch-screen design amazing slim-line shape and high-tec features.

    With great features including the innovative ‘Haptics’ technology which gives you a vibrate feedback when pressing the buttons.

    This is a mobile phone that shouldn't trouble most pockets. At 98.4mm tall, 55mm wide and 11.6mm thick it is on the small side. It is a pity that Samsung couldn't break 100g, but its 106g weight is really no hardship to carry around. It is extremely comfortable to hold the phone in one hand and tap at the screen with the thumb.
    The touchscreen madness is getting a little out of hand. Suddenly, Nokia is the only company making phones with buttons, and we’re starting to miss them. But Samsung’s not feeling sentimental – its new Tocco features a revamped touchscreen interface, which is excitingly based on widgets.

    The Tocco’s got a regular menu of icons, but at the tap of one virtual button you can switch to the widgets – a dock of options that can be dragged on to the main screen as you please. Best of all, the Tocco interface is very fast and responsive, making the phone a cinch to use in most respects. It also makes the phone very customisable – you can hide or display everything from the clock and reminder icons to the network’s name-check. Other options include games, the phone’s music player and the FM radio.

    Be wowed by the 5.0-Megapixel camera with auto-focus LED flash and a top-notch image stabilisation to make every picture your best. Not only will the camera features amaze the array of other features will including an expandable memory super-fast 3G technology and Bluetooth™ connectivity.Use the stylish touch-screen display to navigate around your phone.

    Full Touch Screen

    • Large 2.8” QVGA LCD offers a full touch navigation experience

    • Haptic technology offers tangible feedback when you make a selection on the touch screen

    • New touch UI is intuitive and simple to use, offering a digilog (digital + analog) experience

    • Widgets allows you to customize the user interface with applications that move with drag-and-drop ease


    • Card-like size is portable enough to slip into pockets

    • Slim and minimal size fits comfortably in the hand

    • Luxurious leather case and brushed aluminium exterior

    • Cutting-edge and stylish Ice Silver body with hairline texture

    5 Megapixel Camera

    • 5 Megapixel camera takes stunning photos and video. Capture better-looking images with Auto Focus

    • Front facing camera lets you enjoy video conversations with other 3G/HSDPA users

    • Fun and convenient features include Smile Shot, Image Stabilization, Power LED and Quick View

    • Edit and enhance your photos, then upload them onto your blog directly from your mobile

    High-end Camera Feature

    • Face Detection automatically adjusts settings when you are taking photos of people; to ensure portraits turn out great

    • Smile Shot mode is able to identify when subject is smiling and automatically takes a picture

    • Smile Shot makes its worldwide debut on a mobile phone with the F480

    • These advanced features, usually reserved for high-end dedicated cameras, are available on this mobile phone
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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    This time Samsung keeps the size down. The Tocco sits much better in the hand than earlier Samsung efforts or the iPhone. The screen is a decent 2.8in number and, although it’s not as colour-rich or high-resolution as Apple’s, still looks great.Just to add a little something extra to proceedings, the phone comes with a second battery cover that has a screen protector attached to it. Once fitted, the screen protector flips up from the bottom of the handset, shielding the screen from scratches without adding the significant extra bulk of a case.

    The front fascia of the phone is shiny black apart from the screen, and there's a flash of silver surrounding the speaker, and another that forms a strip beneath the screen. That strip offers three buttons: Call and End, with End doubling as the on/off switch, and a longer lozenge which drops you into the shortcut menu. There is a selection of five applications on the shortcut menu: Music Player, Messages, Internet, Call and main menu.

    The Tocco uses a virtual phone keypad with predictive text.There is some redemption thanks to the excellent camera. Not only is it a 5MP model, it has grown-up features like face detection, image stabilisation and smile shutter, which sees the camera take a shot automatically when it sees a grinning mug.The customisation extends beyond the widgets – if you like haptic feedback, the Tocco has this too, letting you adjust the level of vibration from none at all to masochistic.

    Around the edges are a rocker for volume control; a hold button that disables the touchscreen; a camera key; and a jack for Samsung's extremely annoying proprietary multifunction socket that charges the phone, accommodates the provided stereo headset and connects the Tocco to a PC via USB.Music lovers will enjoy the Samsung’s player, too. There’s 230MB of memory inbuilt here, but you can add more with microSD cards. And if you hear a track you don’t recognise, the Shazam program is on hand to send you a message with the track details and album art.

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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    The world's second largest phone manufacturer Samsung made sure it doesn't get left out of the spotlight at the World Mobile Congress.The 2.8" 262K color display of Samsung F480 is really one of great quality.Beside the eye-catching graphics, semi transparent overlays and the rich animations, Samsung F480 offers the so called desktop widgets. Those are info applications that reside on your desktop. They are fully configurable, and movable around the screen.In the main screen there is a sidebar hidden away off the left tall edge of the screen. You can open this by tapping an arrow that pulls it out. This offers all available widgets. You just drag what you want across to the main screen.

    The web browser, for example, lacks zooming capability and feels under-featured. This is a pity because the Tocco is a 3G handset with HSDPA to 7.2MBps if you can find a connection, so web browsing is quite quick, and the large screen means the browser interface could have been a much more pleasant experience.


    • Enjoy superior sound with the audio technology by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.

    • Embedded music player plays all music forms and includes and FM Radio with RDS

    • Easily store and organize your Music Library into folders and playlists using the large memory

    • Artwork from album covers are displayed as you scroll through your music selections

    • Download files quickly via USB 2.0 Full Speed, Bluetooth 2.0 or HSDPA 7.2Mbps

    HSDPA & Internet Experience

    • Enjoy a full internet experience with full browser support and connection speeds as fast as 7.2Mbps

    • Download large files quickly, stream video for instant playback or hold video conversations easily

    • Vertical and horizontal views offers optimum viewing of large content

    • Conveniently set up with Google Search and Gmail for hassle-free web searches and email


    • USB 2.0 High Speed facilitates fast data transfers and connections to mobile accessories

    • Bluetooth 2.0 provides faster wireless connection to peripherals including A2DP headsets

    • Faster connections enable you to download contents quicker

    • Enjoy enhanced usability and connectivity

    Make your new Samsung Tocco Phone as unique as you are. With just a sweep of a finger , you can customize the full touch screen to see the features you know you'll use most. And whenever you touch a button, the phone responds by Vibrating Gently.

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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    Samsung F480 Tocco is great and the touch screen is excellent its very easy to use.the camera has the spec of a 5 mp, when pictures are taken the do look slightly out of focus but when they are opened up, used on the backgroud and uploaded to a comp the quality is brilliant.

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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    plz anybudddyyyy help i m unable to install games on ma shg f480 phone

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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    Download the games in .JAR . save it on the pc, transfered it to storage card,open it, the game should works great.

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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    Refer to this thread : Want games for Samsung F480
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    Re: Samsung Tocco F480

    You will require a JAR and a JAD file to make the game work on the Samsung F480 .
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