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Thread: Samsung G810 SmartPhone

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    Samsung G810 SmartPhone

    The announcement of Samsung G810 must have had many a geek's heart skip a few beats. The handset has all but the kitchen sink and there's Symbian under the hood.The display of Samsung G810 can hardly be called anything but typical Samsung. It has great picture quality indoors with good contrast and brightness levels.

    The Samsung G810 is a stunning looking 3G Smartphone which comes with GPS navigation & high quality imaging features.The screen can be viewed when the handset is open or closed which is a large 2.6 Inch high colour & high resolution screen which is ideal for imaging & Web surfing on this Smartphone.

    to expect to leave onlookers in awe. A looker it is, full metal casing and all, but size is really unsettling. Its dimensions of 103 x 52.9 x 17.9 mm do fail to tell the whole story. And even if it's the Nokia N95 story, the Samsung looks much bulkier. Anyway, squeezing any of those heavy-weighters into a pocket is quite a feat.

    The video call camera is located in the upper right corner of the front panel. The earpiece/loudspeaker grill is placed dead center. The ample 2.6" display is next, along with the D-pad and the surrounding controls will get their due attention later in our review.

    The built in 5 megapixel camera feature provides the user with high quality imaging features which comes with easy to use controls. The camera has a 3 x optical zoom for those closer shots & an auto focus feature to ensure a clear shot is captured. A xenon flash allows the user to capture a picture in dark conditions. The camera settings include a geo tagging picture system which allows the user to store & locate their pictures easily. The Samsung G810 comes with a face detection feature which will focus on a person's face when the user is taking a shot of a person.

    The G810 3G Smartphone comes with high quality video capture & video playing capabilities which allow the user to enjoy moving footage on their new stylish Smartphone. The user can set & change video setting to capture their memories just the way they want to. A built in music player allows the user to enjoy a lively music experience on their handset. The user can download & transfer their music onto the Samsung G810 in popular music format. The user can use the built in radio feature to tune into their favourite radio station.


    • 5 megapixel camera with auto focus and 3x optical zoom

    • Symbian OS with S60 user interface

    • 2.6" 256K-color TFT LCD display with QVGA resolution

    • Wi-Fi

    • Built-in GPS receiver

    • 3G capabilities with HSDPA support

    • Xenon flash

    • 330MHz TI OMAP processor

    • 130MB of internal memory plus a microSD card slot

    • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack

    • Bluetooth and USB v2.0

    • TV-out functionality

    • Great metallic design

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    Re: Samsung G810 SmartPhone

    Samsung G810 is running on the Symbian 9.2 OS and uses the well known S60 3rd edition graphic user interface. The Feature Pack 1 also comes pre-installed. In fact, the OS is probably the most obvious difference from Samsung G800.

    It's worked out well here - Samsung G810 is really quick and responsive. The icons are also quite nice. They are the same as in Samsung i450 and we happen to like them a bit better than those of Nokia phones using the same UI. However, the Feature Pack 2 that we saw in the newly announced Nokia handsets in Barcelona was really promising.

    The Samsung G810 comes with document viewing capabilities which support popular document file formats. The user can stay in contact with friends, family & business colleagues using the built in message service which include SMS text messaging, email & a MSM multimedia messaging service. The MMS service allows the user to share either video clips or pictures complete with sound & text with other compatible messaging contacts. A built in Web browser on the Samsung G810 allows the user to enjoy a HTML experience complete with RSS feeds support. The G810 3G Smartphone supports a Google search as well as Google maps & Google mail for a fully mobile Internet experience.


    • 3G HSDPA
    • Bluetooth® A2DP
    • USB
    • GPRS
    • EDGE
    • Wi-Fi

    The built in 3G HSDPA technology provides Broadband speed Internet connectivity, high speed file transfer & 3G multitasking capabilities to the stunning Samsung G810. The phone supports Wi-Fi connectivity which allows the user to enjoy mobile wireless Internet connectivity via hotspots. The Samsung G810 comes with EDGE & GPRS technology which provides high speed data transfer rates. The user can connect their Smartphone to other compatible devices using either a USB cabled connection between devices or a wireless Bluetooth® connection between devices. The G810 comes with 130 megabytes of internal memory & with a memory card slot which allows the user to insert a MicroSD™ memory card to suit the user's memory requirements.

    Being able to listen to your favorite tracks is one thing but playing them properly is something completely different. It is therefore important that a high-end device such as Samsung G810 have good audio output quality. Besides, its main rival - the Nokia N95 8GB is really failing to deliver in that department, so it's a welcome opportunity to earn some points.


    • Music Player
    • Stereo FM Radio
    • Polyphonic & MP3 Ringtones
    • Downloadable Ringtones
    • Vibration Alert

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    Re: Samsung G810 SmartPhone

    The left side of Samsung G810 is rather crowded. The list starts with the lanyard eyelet right under the top edge. Under it is the Power key, which is also used for changing the currently active profile. The 3.5 mm audio jack under a protection cap is next in line. We would have preferred it at the top. The last thing on the left of Samsung G810 is the microUSB slot - the same one as used in some latest Nokia phones.

    The volume rocker is placed on the right side of Samsung G810. It is just above the microSD card slot. The last control here is the dedicated camera key, which this time is much more comfortable than the one on its predecessor Samsung G800.

    The top and the bottom of the phone are almost completely plain, save for the microphone pinhole on the lower end of the handset.

    As far as the build quality of Samsung G810 is concerned, we have every reason to cheer. The phone looks sturdy and has a nice solid feel in hand. Besides, weight is not always a disadvantage when it goes with high-quality materials. Enjoy !!!

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