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Thread: Sony CMT-Z100iR Speaker system

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    Sony CMT-Z100iR Speaker system

    Sony is preparing to release a high-end, stylish iPod/iPhone/iTouch micro component system called the CMT-Z100iR. This dock was made for the space conscious that want something truly different. This device also has Audio In, CD playback capability (no word if it can play mp3 cdís), and a USB port so you can connect your USB-equipped portable music player for additional playback/recording options. The speakers output at 20Wx2, which is generally more powerful than the average small-scale dock. Consumers will probably like the attractive touch panel control with additional wall-mounting capability.

    A S-MASTER digital amplifier is also included, which sounds fantastic in these smaller scale devices. Two way Bass reflex and treble adjustments (-4/+4) with additional bass boost will ensure that anyone can find their preferred sound. FM/AM is also integrated which makes this a very interesting multi-function offering from Sony. Expect it to include a small remote control so itís not a nuisance to operate this system.

    Unfortunately, we donít have pricing information at this time, but it should be announced somewhat soon and will probably fall in line around $150-250.
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    Re: Sony CMT-Z100iR Speaker system

    Sony Insider has happened upon some leaked images of the CMT-Z100iR mini-sound system, which, if real, suggest this respectable-looking system has an iPod dock, CD player and USB port to complement the 20w speakers.
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