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Old 26-02-2009
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Nintendo Classic Controller PRO for Wii

The "Classic Controller Pro" replaces the original's tiny secondary shoulder buttons with a traditional Dual Shock style "two rows of buttons" set up, moves the two analog sticks out a bit from the center, and adds some hand grips. Hand grips are for pros.

Nintendo plans a summer 2009 release for this controller, which should dovetail nicely with Monster Hunter 3 , who is bundling a port of its predecessor, Monster Hunter G, with a special blue version of the original Classic. No pricing or information about a release outside of Japan is given.

  1. Operation Division
    • a, b, cross, X, Y, L, R, ZR, ZL button
    • L L, R Stick
    • R- (Minus) / Select, Home, + (Plus) / Start button ※ L, R button and L, R is the input analog stick.

  2. Communication Function
    • Communications capabilities of the Wii Remote Controller

  3. Size
    • Vertical side 67.5mm thickness 26mm (excluding protruding parts) Vertical 135.7mm next 67.5mm thick 26mm (excluding protruding parts)
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