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Thread: Problem with my Portable Hard Disk

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    Problem with my Portable Hard Disk


    I bought recently some new Hard disk drives. As you know that these device as you plug into your computer, put the disk in, they are plug and play and thus shows whats disk contains?

    I have two devices of them; but both of them donot work.

    I have no idea what is the actual problem.

    The two drives are:

    Fujitsu MPE317AE


    WDC WD800BB-00FJA0

    Please help?

    your views will be appreciated

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    Re: Problem with my Portable Hard Disk

    Try taking the hard drive out of the external hard drive case and plug it into a desktop PC.If the hard drive still works try and plug the hard drive into another hard drive case. Hope that helps.
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    Re: Problem with my Portable Hard Disk

    Most USB external drives require the drive be set to Master, not slave or cable select.

    If this is set to master, then there is either a problem with the drive, or the enclosure.
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    Re: Problem with my Portable Hard Disk

    If you compiled your own kernel, you may not have included USB mass storage support. You will need to recompile your kernel (I presume you know how to do that already, having done it at least once before), and you may as well get the latest sources from while you're at it. I recommend compiling USB mass storage as a module simply because I had a digital camera once that occasionally crashed and took out USB storage functionality. Removing and reloading the module was the only way to fix it. But on one of my machines, I had compiled it hard into the kernel; meaning I had to reboot it just to get back the use of my ports.

    If you're using a distro-supplied kernel, then it should already have all the required functionality built as modules. Try (as root, or prefix with sudo)
    # modprobe usb-storage
    to force loading the module; then
    # fdisk -l
    to check if the device is recognised. (If not, give it a while and repeat. The module takes some time to load up and recognise devices.) Also look at the output of
    # dmesg

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    Re: Problem with my Portable Hard Disk

    make sure your external hard drive is back with power supply.. you can feel the hard drive casing with your palm whether it is running or not.. if there is no vibration at the hard drive.. it might be your hard drive problem

    Try connecting directly to a pc without using usb.There is not much solution to this problem.If really damaged you have to change it.You still have warranty right?If the data is important you can try data recovey service or use some software to retrive files.Using software is depending on situation though.

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