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Thread: Cannot Detect CD-ROM in Bios

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    Cannot Detect CD-ROM in Bios


    I am having some problem with my CD-ROM. As I boot my computer, the green light comes on the CD-ROM when I boot up, I think the disk is spinning, but it cannot be seen in the BIOS but when I cannot get into Windows it is not there and does not detect any discs.

    Any ideas what's wrong with the disk?

    Please help me regarding this

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    Re: Cannot Detect CD-ROM in Bios

    I work as a computer repair tech and i’ve noticed a recurring problem with cd/dvd drives in Windows XP and Vista disappearing from the my computer menu. Now rather than to restore the OS, wasting time hunting down drivers, or replace the drive you can try to fix the problem by editing the registry keys.

    1. In XP just go to start run and type in “regedit” and in Vista just type “regedit” in the search box.

    2. From there maximize the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES

    3. SYSTEM

    4. CurrentControlSet

    5. Control

    6. Class

    7. {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

    Now look in the right panel and find “Upperfilter” and “Lowerfilter”, click on each “filter” and hit the delete key. You will be prompted after each filter to confirm, just hit yes and then restart the computer after both filters have been successfully removed.
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    Re: Cannot Detect CD-ROM in Bios

    Either the powersupply is faulty or your motherboard. Try the swapping the molex connector from harddrive to the CDRW. Does it now get power? If so then replace your powersupply.
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    Re: Cannot Detect CD-ROM in Bios

    First of all, if your mobo doesn't POST the device, the device drivers won't do you any good. Secondly, unless you're using DOS, you shouldn't need any device drivers for a CDROM drive. I know your frustrated, but keep a level head.

    If your CDROM is jumpered as "Cable Select", try setting it to master (if it is on its own controller). If you still don't get it to POST, try placing it on your Primary IDE controller, however jumper it as the slave device. If this works, then its likely that you have a bad secondary IDE controller.

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    Re: Cannot Detect CD-ROM in Bios

    you might need to pull the drives out and check the settings (check the label - different manufacturers have different pin outs)? if they are on the same cable the master is on the end of the cable, and the slave is in the middle. my comp doesn't like master/slave combination, so i have to use cs. however, i have the 2 h/d's hooked up to 1 cable, and the 2 cd/dvd hooked up to the other cable. you might want to check that, and/or remove drives, and slowly reinstall them.

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