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Thread: How to delete Virus from Pen drive ?

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    How to delete Virus from Pen drive ?

    Hello friends

    I am having transcend 4 GB pen drive. It's virus infected I don't know how virus entered in my pen drive because i scan my pen drive every day. It shows no virus in pen drive but yesterday i gave my pendrive to my friend he told me there is 2 virus in pendrive. Then he tried to delete virus but it not work can anyone know how to delete virus from pendrive ?


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    Re: How to delete Virus from Pen drive ?

    Scan your pen drive with latest Updated virus like Norton, symantec. and delete the file which infected by virus.

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    Re: How to delete Virus from Pen drive ?

    open cmd prompt
    Start > Run > type cmd > enter

    Type drive letter d: and enter then in D: drive make a folder named autorun.inf

    and like this make a folder named autorun.inf to your pen drive.

    Windows does not allow two things with same file name at a place. thus in your pen drive autorun.inf file will not be created by worm.

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