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Thread: Sony Bravia WE5 LCD TV

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    Sony Bravia WE5 LCD TV

    Already after a few quiet years in which the size, resolution, or different technologies have come up in the world of flat televisions, I am glad that from him this year to tap into some of these giants of home. Sony already has such data on its new range of Bravia TVs for 2009. One of the models is the white star that you see in the picture, the Sony Bravia WE5.

    This Sony Bravia television WE5, besides the image, has focused its development and marketing in the economy and the environment. The computer, a screen 40 or 46-inch 1080p Full HD panel is the first market to introduce a system of back lighting HCFL low, 50% said Sony.

    Sony Bravia WE5 LCD TV

    Energy Saving

    In addition to lower consumption when in operation, there are several key aspects of playing technology operation of Bravia WE5. We liked the idea of the presence detector, which is responsible for analyzing the environment of the TV and turn off the computer that almost no one detected in the room. We can save the energy while we are absent from a pause the program or to meet other business and we do not want to completely turn off the computer. The sound, so that we are vigilant, it continues to function normally.

    When we entered the room again and this movement is detected, the system returns to normal TV. Imagine now that we fall asleep in front of the television on. If the presence detector which we do not notice, after half an hour put the TV on standby or stand by.

    Another aspect of this Sony Bravia WE5 mode off, which perfectly simulates what happens when literally unplugged the TV from the power source, but let us do it comfortably with a switch on the TV. Thus, when activated, the computer remains in full shutdown mode with zero consumption.

    This TV, in the absence of testing, we raise a doubt whether the savings is in the lighting system of the panel, will not reduce the picture quality of this Bravia. Sony says no, and we hope so.

    Another important point that we liked the way the Bravia TV saves energy is in the manual. Paper that is often broken instantly and we were just with the quick installation guide. Then, trust your instinct and trial and error tests to learn how to handle the TV. I speak in general of course. The Sony Bravia WE5 has opted to provide instructions on the screen using menus. If we think we are increasingly accustomed to reading on-screen instructions in the computer or using the Internet is a logical step. If you have managed to develop a friendly interface, which is also in the hands of manufacturers, the result can be interesting. On paper it seems to us.

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    Sony Bravia WE5 LCD TV Technical Details

    Technical Characteristics

    The highlights of the technical features of the Sony Bravia WE5 is that debuts, and his colleagues range, Bravia Engine 3 technology. With ever more data to deal with an image, progress on this key element of the TV can not stop. In fact, treatment of each pixel of the image, improving contrast, noise reduction and increased range of colors through it.

    Was also added to the two models WE5, 40 and 46 inches, technology Motionflow 100Hz with Image Blur Reduction so that moving images do not notice anything strange. If you join with the 24p mode, the viewing angle of 178 degrees and 100000:1 contrast, we find a good computer for home theater.

    The connectivity of these new TVs is quite complete. It has 4 HDMI ports are compatible for use with no problems connected to a laptop computer to input, USB 2.0, Bravia Sync system and DLNA certification. Just miss one memory card reader.

    Specifications highlight the rest of the sound system to zoom in dialogues, Dolby Digital 5.1 output, the power of 20 W or adjusting the volume from different sources or channels so that does not protrude from each other despite having volumes different.

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