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Thread: Download LG KU990 Viewty Mobile Phone User Manual / Guide

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    Download LG KU990 Viewty Mobile Phone User Manual / Guide

    With the LG KU990 Viewty, you can take and view a crystal clear photo. Packed with high-quality camera features, this camera phone enables you to capture a high-definition image using a 5 mega pixel camera lens certified by Schneider-Kreuznach and edit your photo on a large, clear, 3-inch display just like a professional photographer.

    The device also has a web browser, audio and video player (supporting DivX), YouTube video uploader, Google Maps application, and document viewer for MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF files with a zoom function.

    5.0MP Camera certified by Schneider-Kreuznach
    LG Viewty’s 5.0 mega pixel camera is capable of capturing clearer and more
    vivid images with its high-resolution capturing technology. The rich and vibrant
    colors of the photos will look wonderful anywhere, whether on a wide LCD
    screen or when developed.

    various focusing techniques

    LG Viewty not only includes the conventional auto focus function, but for the
    first time in camera phone history, it offers manual focus function that enables users to autonomously direct focusing. With this function, users can take professional-like photos by pinpointing or fading out on subjects as they wish. Novice to expert photographers alike can experience the unique camera phone that only the DSLR camera is able to offer.

    Capturing best moments even in low light

    Without the use of flash, LG Viewty exceeds the average 5.0MP digital cameras when capturing images in low light by increasing the ISO standard of 400 to 800. Along with its SmartLight technology that enables users to adjust the brightness level of captured images, users can take the best pictures in low light without the artificial glare of a flash.

    Image Stabilizer & Direct Key

    With LG Viewty, photos will never come out blurry or shaky. Together with an
    image stabilizer function and its direct key button, it’s now easier than ever to take crystal clear photos. This useful and camera-like feature not only enables novice photographers to take steady pictures, but also prevents any delicate movements when capturing images.

    High-speed recording

    The high-speed video recording function of LG Viewty allows users to catch
    every moving detail of a balloon bursting or a diver plunging into the water.
    Neither available in digital cameras nor in camcorders, this ultra high-speed
    function can capture the finest detail of any passing moment to be played back in the most vivid and dramatic way. Create the most exuberant and dramatic video recording with the unique 120fps Video Recording technology from Viewty.

    3" Full Touch Screen

    LG Viewty successfully minimizes the problems of using other touch screen
    products with its new 3” full touch screen. The extra large display panel
    provides superior visibility when operating its camera or handset functions and
    it reacts to the user's touch by signaling direct contact with vibration. With the additional DivX video playback function and its Mobile XD engine that produces crystal clear resolution, DivX video can be watched in a DVD-like quality on its wide 3” LCD screen.


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    Re: Download LG KU990 Viewty Mobile Phone User Manual / Guide

    Handwriting Recognition technology identifies user handwriting on the display
    surface for easy and convenient composition of text, phone numbers and
    Internet searching. With the added Editing function, users can freely edit and
    enhance captured images and relive the moment by directly drawing or writing
    on them with their fingertips or with a stylus.

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    Re: Download LG KU990 Viewty Mobile Phone User Manual / Guide

    It has an ISO 800-equivalent High-Sensitivity mode for night scenery shots and "Smart Light" for bright and clear images in the dark. According to the manufacturer, the camera's frame rate is high enough to film a balloon bursting.

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