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Thread: Leaked Pictures of Next-Gen iPhone

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    Happy Leaked Pictures of Next-Gen iPhone

    Pictures claiming to be of the casing of the next-generation Apple iPhone are trickling into the blogosphere, sparking rumors that the upcoming smartphone will have a matte black exterior as opposed to the glossy appearance of iPhones past.

    While the images have not been officially confirmed, both iPodObserver and MacRumors have posted photos of what appears to be an unreleased 16-GB iPhone with Model No. A1303, which hasn't appeared on previous iPhone models. The case is also said to be textured for better gripping.

    Details are few, but MacRumors indicates that the new iPhone case will "shed the glossy appearance for a matte black look" while also introducing a new case-back made of metal. iPodObserver, which was first to publish the pics, was responsible for publishing early back-case photos of the iPhone 3G before the model was released.

    The early look at the suspected new iPhone's casing are said to come from China. The matte black finish is a turnaround on previous iPhone styling. The first-generation iPhone came with an aluminum back casing, while the iPhone 3G featured a smooth plastic curved back.

    The original iPhone came with aluminum back casing. This design eventually gave way to a smooth plastic curved back of the current iPhone 3G.

    What we really want to know is what will be inside the new iPhone. The photos depict a 16GB iPhone, but what about a 32GB model? Could this be the much anticipated and often rumored $99 iPhone we've been hearing about? What about more features or a faster processor? Anything? Anything at all? Nope, just some photos of a shell that may be the real deal or may just be some Photoshop magic.

    Now, I know what you're asking, "why are you showing us these photos if you think they're so lame?" Well, that's simple; I love iPhone rumors. Don't you?

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    Re: Leaked Photos of Next-Gen iPhone

    I would love the back to be the matte black style. It’s much more friendly for holding the phone as the shiny version on the current 3g can get a bit slippy and all scratched up. I hope the phone has 32gb memory, then I can sell my video iPod and just have the one iPod!

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    Re: Leaked Photos of Next-Gen iPhone

    Rumors of a new iPhone have been circulating since last month when Apple's iPhone 2.2.1 firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It had given an idea that a new device could be coming soon.

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