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Thread: JavaFX Mobile from Sun

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    JavaFX Mobile from Sun

    Sun Microsystems has launched the JavaFX Mobile platform, promising to let developers create rich applications across the broadest possible range of mobile devices, from consumer handsets to smartphones. JavaFX Mobile is a variation of technology from Sun Microsystems JavaFX adapted to mobile phones. It should help create interfaces and services for dynamic relaunch its Java technology to face competition, especially from Microsoft with Silverlight.

    Environment JavaFX Mobile will have to create interfaces and rich and dynamic applications, and Sun hopes to count on the support of manufacturers already using Java ME. Several manufacturers have already announced their support, such as LG Electronics and Sony Ericsson, the same as some operators such as Sprint or Orange.

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    Re: JavaFX Mobile from Sun

    JavaFX provides new functionality for easily creating more immersive applications that seamlessly integrate content, media and data across device platforms.
    The first mobile terminal JavaFX Mobile can be marketed before the end of the year. During the show in Barcelona, Sun will provide the environment to its partners and customers and will also launch an SDK for developers.

    The environment will be able to use Java ME to access some features, such as managing the Bluetooth wireless connectivity, of the NPC or the GPS receiver.

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