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Thread: Samsung 12-megapixel at Mobile World Congress 2009

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    Samsung 12-megapixel at Mobile World Congress 2009

    "Samsung could raise the post office and present two new camera-phone to the next MWC 2009, a 12 megapixel mobile phone and a camera phone with 3x optical zoom"

    There are many issues that are now 'hot' for the next Mobile World Congress the return of important names in the world of handhelds, the debut of a whole series of devices based on Android platform, the release of the new operating system version house of Microsoft, Windows Mobile.

    For the first time in many years, the camera-phone will not be so much in focus as, for example, last year. After a quick trip to cram more megapixels possible within the small cellular sensors. After a period in which marketing has used the weapon of megapixels as picklock to enter the lives of people, convincing them to change their mobile phone, it seems that they have lost interest in that small number printed on the body of the phone.

    In light of this consideration, the move seems that Samsung intends to make the Mobile World Congress, according to sources in the network, leaving more than one question. The Korean manufacturer seems willing to focus more strongly on the camera phone, featuring a phone that move even more the high aesthetically than did a model Innov8, which has increased the upper limit of the megapixel value of 8. It seems that 12 is the new roof that Samsung wants to put megapixel sensor crammed on a module for mobile.

    Samsung another model of the camera-phone to the next Samsung MWC 2009 could flaunt 8 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom.

    The move by Samsung may be accessed in the direction of consolidating its position in this, when profitable, sector, investing more energy when other manufacturers are beginning to save money by offering the public to new stimuli photography enthusiasts.

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    Re: Samsung 12-megapixel at Mobile World Congress 2009

    Buying an SLR is just a waste of money, you can not miss to send the sms. For more have less megapixels!

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    Re: Samsung 12-megapixel at Mobile World Congress 2009

    With this statement I can certainly say that you do not understand photography a club .. Keep me straight narrow your mobile phone camera that will not give the picture quality, it is not remotely comparable to a mobile phone also had 20 megapixels.

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    Re: Samsung 12-megapixel at Mobile World Congress 2009

    The first comment seemed to me ironic, or at least I hope ...
    having a 12 megapixel still not over as usual, but we also cant ignore that technology is advancing .. Perhaps reducing the picture you get 6 or even 5 Mpixel decent and usable, that would not be bad ..

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    Re: Samsung 12-megapixel at Mobile World Congress 2009

    but to be surprised that the market wants and houses MP damage. Which manufacturer of mobile devices and consumer photographic think you put to the sermon that the MP used a little?

    happens in cameras themselves, let alone in the world of phones that are even more attached to this idiocy.

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