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Thread: iBook vs. PowerBook

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    iBook vs. PowerBook

    I wanted you to give me a nice second computer purchase ... a new imac and I have wanted to have a notebook, because I did not so much money for a new macbook (pro) would like to spend, should I make to the improved variant iBook / Powerbook.
    Can you help me there? where exactly are the differences etc? whether G3 or G4?

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    Re: iBook vs. PowerBook

    G4, it should be, so you really have enough power for some multimedia applications.

    iBook or PowerBook?

    Would, if the price goes, a friend powerbook. If Mobile should be very clear the 12 "PB G4 with Tiger on it. Thus, you will surely have fun.

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    Re: iBook vs. PowerBook

    G3 is now, just for Leo and intensive programs, very quickly to the limits of performance. Especially the GraKa is not really abundant. In addition, there are problems with the logic board in G3 ibooks.
    With the G3 PowerBooks is ultimately only the Perfect fit for current applications. But seriously, well-preserved, completely upgraded to receive, then they are not much cheaper than a G4 ibook.
    The 12-inch Powerbook is ultra-mobile, but beware: Because of the graphic runs in 12-inch DVD player is not under Leopard, some animations do not work and the RAM is limited to 1.25 GB. And the 12-inch are relatively rare, who has one, use it as a rule yet, because Apple is not small, powerful book has produced.

    I have made the finding that even with a 1.33GHz Powerbook Leopard not really fun, the fan running continuously. But Tiger extends fully, I miss nothing.

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    Re: iBook vs. PowerBook

    Tiger even runs well on older PowerBooks and unnecessary. Leo has 867 Mhz minimum requirement, but then it just kind of halt. Tiger runs with 867, not dramatically but enough.
    More important than the processor, RAM, as much as possible, then you have several programs open fewer problems. Extensive flash may have something stucco, but it is rather the exception.
    I run my 12-inch with a 2nd Monitor and have yet to everyday problems.
    And then you should fancy a MBP experience, you'll be surprised how much money you have to get a used Mac, so lost do you really do not.

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