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Thread: Transcend StoreJet 25F Stylish Hard Drive

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    Transcend StoreJet 25F Stylish Hard Drive

    Transcend digital storage industry announces its new 2.5” portable hard drive, the elegant and sleek StoreJet 25F. Measuring only 113.8mm long by 80.9mm wide and just 15.9mm thick, the StoreJet 25F is designed for business travelers and people who prefer an elegant way to carry their data. Combining its huge storage capacity with designer gloss diamond pattern and lustrous metallic finish, the StoreJet 25F is truly a marriage of technology and style. Moreover, its useful anti-slip rubber feet provide a stable base for resting on a table or computer case. Despite its compact size, the StoreJet 25F has up to 500GB of storage space so users can easily transfer, store, and share important files and data.

    In order to ensure maximum compatibility with modern desktop and notebook computers, the StoreJet 25F uses a high-speed USB2.0 interface that provides data transfer rates up to 480Mb per second, while adding the convenience of true “plug and play” operation. Moreover, the StoreJet 25F comes with an incredibly useful StoreJet elite data-management tools that feature Website AutoLogin, Mobile Favorites with NoTrace internet browsing, Secret-Zip file encryption, Mobile E-mail, Online Update and intelligent backup scheduling, security, and file compression functions. Transcend’s StoreJet 25F supports all commonly used operating systems, including Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Mac, and Linux. Now available in astonishing 500GB capacity, the stylish StoreJet 25F is the most elegant portable data storage device around.

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    Re: Transcend StoreJet 25F Stylish Hard Drive

    Besides its “eye-candy” design, the device also sports more functional design features, such as anti-slip rubber feet, which provide a stable base for resting on a table or a computer case.

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