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Thread: Memory card for DS Lite

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    Memory card for DS Lite

    A friend received a DS lite for Christmas and asked me if she could find a memory card for the beast? The console is no longer my department for 8 years, so can you please suggest me where can i get memory for it

    Thank you in advance

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    Re: Memory card for DS Lite

    So You have purchased a DS Lite want to be able to run Nintendo DS ROMs / games that are available on the internet but You are totally new to console gaming and wondering and need advise on what exactly do you need to play NDS ROMs. DS Flash card? Passkey? Passcard - all sounds like greek to You. Well we will try to help you out here stating with the Basics!

    Now in order to put NDS roms on to your console you need some kind of memory card that will store the files. Original Nintendo DS game cards are Read-Only-Memory (ROM) meaning that you can only read from them, but can not erase or rewrite their memory. What we need is a rewritable media, and that is where DS Flash Cards come in. By adding flash to DS you make it possible to copy .nds rom files to the comsole as you copy songs to mp3 music player. In fact after you get a DS Flash Card putting a new free game is just as easy as playing a new song...

    DS Flash Card - are cartridges with re-writable memory. They can be in a shape of a GBA cartridge or a DS game card and can have built-in memory or serve as a adapter for SD, TransFlash or CF flash memory cards.

    If you choose a SLOT-2 GBA cartridge slot DS Flash Card you will also need a DS PassKey. Latest generation passkey is a card that looks like a DS Game Card and is used to fool your DS Lite into playing NDS Game rom from the GBA slot. Without it DS would try to execute it as a Gameboy Advance game on a single screen. (You don't need Pass card if you wan't to play GBA ROMs on it as they do not have any incryption or copy protection but need it for DS mode.)

    check here

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    Re: Memory card for DS Lite

    1. Purchase a Acekard for $35 and about $8 shipping. (came out July 2008)
    2. This is a slot 1 so it's no longer necessary to firmware flash your Nintendo DS Lite. Just stick the Acekard with a microSD memory card and your good to go. It comes with a mini microSD USB flash reader so you can copy files to it off your computer. Here is the official homepage for it. I comes in a black case same size as a Nintendo DS game cartridge. Comes with a blue plastic key chain holder which holds 2 game cartridges and a microSD USB card reader.
    3. Purchase a 4GB or 8GB microSDHC card. 4GB microSD cards are about $15 from newegg + $5 shipping or 8GB microSDHC about $35. Note: prices are from Aug 2008 and may change. List of 4GB and 8GB microSDHC memory cards and on

    for more info have a look here

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