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Thread: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

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    Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    I just bought the samsung player addict i900 (Omnia) in SFR. it works perfectly apart from the GPS. No GPS software does. j'ai testé nonigps, gpsgate, googlemap gps utilities, aucun n'arrive ŕ capter le signal GPS. I tested nonigps, gpsgate, gps googlemap utilities, can not capture the GPS signal. The phone runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and the default configuration is gps
    AGPS: enabled
    External GPS:
    - 3 software port
    - 9 port equipment 4800bauds
    - Automatically managed by Windows

    I configure software gps always on port 3 and nothing works, even 9 port does not work, either the gps fails to initialize or it does not capture satellite.

    Someone could help me please?

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    Re: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    I too have been very difficult to use my GPS. I first tried GoogleMaps but I had internet connection (wireless in my house) to work. The problem is that Google gives your approximate location, so I do not know if he really uses the GPS. After I installed Tom Tom Navigator that works most often after a restart of the phone!
    My settings
    AGPS-off (since it uses the connection that pay wap)
    Software COM port-3
    Hardware-9 COM port speed with substantive 115200 (I tested the smallest and largest such c)
    Automatically-managed by Windows
    I think your problem is with your settings in your browsers.
    properly adjusted Tom Tom (which was a headache because it must wait for a signal, be in a clear area in order to receive + that his works better when you just turn your phone .)
    Keeps me informed. It is a pleasure to finally have a forum on this PLAYER ADDICT!

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    Re: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    Hello everyone, I am reassured, I am not alone in having problems with the GPS of the i900. I tried with another navigator (google navigator): nothing works . can you tell me where to download tomtom 7 and how to install it on my phone?
    thank you in advance

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    Re: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    hello I found the problem against by no signal please help.

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    Re: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    SuperXCM, must choose windows in the external GPS program port com3
    Then you open tomtom and other settings you GPS receiver on port com3.
    Finally it is imperative to reboot the phone to take into account these adjustments.
    After you throw-out again and especially tomtom you no longer parameters GPS (or restart imperative such) you should pick up the satellites after 2 minutes.

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    Re: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    good, I throw in the towel, no way to get their hands on the Tomtom Navigator 7.
    Someone could tell me where and recover as long as there is how to install it?

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    Re: Samsung I900 Omnia GPS problem

    I found nothing to correct on TomTom V7.
    Well I look in the afternoon.
    If you have a direct link I'm interested.
    Thank you in advance.

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