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Thread: Corrupted Memory Card

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    Happy Corrupted Memory Card

    I Have A Ps2 And Was Playing Lego Batman When It Froze And My Memory Cards Corrupted. It Took Me Some Time But I Found Out What To Do. I Called 1-800-345-7669. I Chose Option #4 ,then Option#1 For Ps2 And Then #1. It Will Walk You Through. Take Out Your Game. Turn Console On And Choose "browser" Then Hit Triangle.
    Select "system" Or I Have "console" And Press X. The Word Diagnosis Should Appear Then Turn It "on". Enter Your Game And Let It On For About 5min. The Ps2 Will Then Possibly Make Adjustments For Non-playabe Games So That You Can Play Them-good Luck!!

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    Exclamation Re: Corrupted Memory Card

    Thread Moved!
    Please Post Any Thread Regarding Any Portable Devices Or Related Stuffs In The Portable Section!

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    Re: Corrupted Memory Card

    Hi, I was playing sims 2 on my ps2, and i saved to my 8MB memory card, but while i was saving the power bar that my ps2 was plugged into was switched off, and my save file got corrupted. is there anything i can do to get my file back?

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    Re: Corrupted Memory Card

    Sadly, you can't recover corrupted files, but that doesn't mean the memory card becomes useless. Just delete the corrupted files, or format the memory card and you now have a clean slate.

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