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Thread: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

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    question how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    hey guys need help with this! i've a PSP Slim. i want to install custom firmware so that i can play games that i've downloaded from the internet

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    Re: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    CFW is modifed Sony made firmware so that you can run homebrew (user made programs) and copies of UMD games stored on your Memory Stick as ISOs.

    The current Official Firmware is 5.02
    The current Custom Firmware is 5.00 M33-4

    Custom firmware retains all the features of Sony firmware and adds more capabilities to your PSP

    There's one method known as Pandora Battery Method.

    You will need the following thing :

    • SP
    • A battery that will become a Pandora's Battery (the battery that comes with your PSP will do, but you wont be able to use the battery normally, so a new battery is reccommended)
    • Memory Stick larger than 64MB
    • Some sort of wedge that isn't metal to get the battery open (like a guitar pick)
    • Some sort of knife to cut a very small wire
    • Tape or glue

    Making The Battery :

    The first thing you need to do is to crack open the battery.

    The battery has some circuit inside, take care not to be too harsh.

    Now Disconnect the path, see the image (cut here).

    Pack the Battery Back.

    Making Magic Memory Stick

    To make the Magic Memory Stick we will be using Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker. To use this program your PSP doesn't have to be running Custom firmware

    Download Rain's Ultra Lite MMS Maker

    Extract RainsUltraLiteMMS.exe

    Connect your PSP to the computer then run RainUltraLiteMMS.exe

    Download and extract the 4.01 Official update, if you have the zip or rar archive extract it to My Documents.

    In the Rain's Simple MMS Maker window, tick the "Format Memory Stick" box, then click Make MMS

    You should now be prompted to find the eboot you just downloaded. Find it, then click Open. Then accept any prompts that appear

    Wait as it installs

    When done, some text saying "Make MMS is Finished" should appear above the progress bars.

    So you now have a Pandora's battery and Magic Memory Stick. Here is what to do now to load M33 firmware :

    Insert Memory Stick into PSP.

    Insert battery into PSP.

    Despertar Cementerio will auto load. If it doesn't, shutdown your PSP then try booting it up holding the L trigger.

    You now have some options as a menu.

    If you are wanting to Install 4.01 M33 press the related option; if you are wanting to install official for whatever reason, choose that option.

    If you are wanting to test M33 before you install it, choose test M33

    If you have chosen to install a firmware, a loading bar should appear. When the loading bar gets to 100%, the PSP will auto shutdown.

    When your PSP has shutdown, you may now remove the Pandora's Battery and Memory Stick and insert your normal ones, or if you used your normal battery as the Pandora's Battery you can plug in the AC
    charger and use your PSP that way.

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    With this method work on a PSP running firmware version 5 (on PSP 2000 - initial firmware was 3.95)? Or will it brick it? How would I go about 'downgrading' it?

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    Re: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    You will need an extra battery with this process because once you do this to your battery, it becomes a permanent hacking tool. Also, when you are doing this on a Vista operating system, you need to run everything as administrator. To do this, right click on whatever you are going to open and click on ‘Run as Administrator’. Also, when you format the memory stick, it may have to be done on windows XP, cause most of the time, windows Vista has problems.

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    Re: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    Vista has all the tight security options...! But thats not an issue. PSP is detected by Vista or any OS as a Mass Storage Device (Pen-Drive). And about the battery you can resolder the track via a thin wire if u have a micro-solder. thats not an issue too.

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    Re: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    Hi! Thanks for the nice article. I bought a battery recently to make the pandora's battery but unfortunately after opening it I found the IC board quite different from what you indicated in your article. The battery is "STAMINA Battery PAck : PSP-S110" - Japanese make. Which path should I disconnect? I can send a photo of the IC to you if required. Thanks FaMe FacToR once again!

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    Re: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    Guys, all of you have different question, i read them all and yes you can do this easily and this will not brick your PS unless you don't power of when some operation is goin on...! Well you can apply custom themes as well, but you need to install custom firmware... You can use the battery like a normal PSP [sometimes it doesn't work with official firmware] but generally it does... This can be done with psp 3004 pb with version 5.5 too... You can also downgrade your PSP... All the best People!

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    Re: how to install Custom Firmware in PSP?

    There are a lot of different ways to downgrade your PSP, which one you’ll have to use depends on your current firmware. Some are harder to break than other, but it’s always possible. Any downgrade can be undone by simply reverting back kto the original version in the PSP system setup menu (hard wired into any PSP) or by installing one of the updates you have installed from UMDs you got.

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