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Thread: Apple Net-Tablet

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    Apple Net-Tablet

    Apple Net-Tablet to Market

    Apple is indeed working on tablet-like device that may finally surface sometime next year

    Rumors are swirling all over again about Apple bringing a tablet device to market.
    The device will debut in the Fall of 2009 with a 7 or 9 inch screen, making it larger than the iPod Touch and iPhone.

    A large screen iPod touch device to be released in the Fall of 09, with a 7 or 9 inch screen. Prototypes have been seen and handled by one of our sources, and Apple is talking to OEMs in Asia now about mass production.

    While the Cupertino firm has been toying with a touch-tablet device for a few years, it was concerned that consumers may not respond favorably to such a device. Microsoft's Tablet PC was met with a lukewarm reception, and is primarily used in vertical markets such as sales, healthcare, and education.

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    Re: Apple Net-Tablet


    I think the iPod touch is better than a tablet because you can put it in your pocket. The iPod touch screen is big enough for most anything, and you can work the entire device with one hand.

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    Re: Apple Net-Tablet

    seems like its gonna rock.sounds very interesting.and if they set this amazing price then it will be in everyone's hand

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