As announced in late October, SFR opened its platform in beta downloads of applications.

Soberly called Application Store, the service provides software for the latest mobile devices marketed by the operator, the Eee PC 701 and the MID (Mobile Internet Device) M! PC Pocket, mais aussi pour les PC et les Mac. Pocket PC, but also for PCs and Macs.

For now, all proposed applications are free, but SFR has already announced that pay-TV programs will also be highlighted, 70% of the price back to the publisher or developer.

There are at present twenty software for the Eee PC, 8 for the MID and 25 computers for much of which seems to have been proposed by independent developers. This is one of the characteristics of Application Store, which, like Apple and its App Store will be open to all. The applications will be approved in advance by teams of SFR.

that encourage developers, the operator has launched a contest, in partnership with Intel, with a first prize of 10 000 and a MID.

Platforms downloading applications are becoming a new field of battle and SFR will face big competitors. After Apple platforms, Microsoft and Nokia, Google has also launched into the arena to accompany the deployment of Android, its mobile operating system.