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Thread: Green House Launches 32GB SDHC Class 4 Card

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    Green House Launches 32GB SDHC Class 4 Card

    New 32GB SDHC Class 4 card for Green House. The GH-SDHC32G4M. Available in 32GB version, it provides a reading speed of 20MB/s, and a writing speed of 4MB/s.

    Targeting the needs of primary storage that is compatible with digital cameras and camera owners, a new green house is now selling high-capacity SDHC card. 32GB card in accordance with the SecureDigital specification version 2.0, size 24 (W) x 32.0 (D) x 2.1 (H) mm, with 2 grams of weight and read and write speed of 20 MB to give / s and 4 Mb / s Supported by a warranty of 3 years

    • 32GB SDHC cardSpecifications and Features :
    • Type : SDHC card
    • Version : GH-SDHC32G4M
    • Size : 24(W) x 32.0 (D) x 2.1 (H) mm
    • Capacity : 32 GB
    • Version : SecureDigital version 2.0
    • Weight : 2 grams
    • Provides Read Speeds : 20 MB/s
    • Provides Write Speeds :4 MB/s
    • Warranty : 3 year warranty

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    Re: Green House Launches 32GB SDHC Class 4 Card

    Each purchase comes with a 3-year limited warranty, and this sure as heck ain't gonna survive a surfing trip, since it isn't waterproof. Well, at least you are now able to take full advantage of other devices that come with an SDHC memory card slot.

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    Re: Green House Launches 32GB SDHC Class 4 Card

    Green House is back with a brand new 32GB SDHC Class 4 memory card, or in its convoluted codename, the GH-SDHC32G4M. You will get a read speed of 20Mb/s, while it has a write speed of just 4MB/s, so don't expect this to break any data transfer records anytime soon.

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