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Old 03-07-2009
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Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

You can create you own dial up connection in your computer. The dialer will help you to access your internet. Only one thing you need to find out is the port number and the user id and password from your service provider. I am listing steps to create a dial up connection for TATA Mobile. First connect your phone and see that the phone or the phone modem in installed in Device Manger. Then to Internet Option from control panel and click on connection. click on setup > connect to internet > setup manually > dail up > Type the name of ISP Eg. TATA > Type the phone number. Here phone number means the port number. The default it #777. You can ask it to customer care guys. > Give the user name and password. Ask this on the customer care number. > Tick on last option for desktop shortcut. Then here you are done. Double click on the dialer to run the internet.
Old 11-07-2009
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I Have China Mobile Set Which is Copy of Nokia E71 But Problem This i Dont know about How Could i Install Application in My mobile and
I am having SigmaTel S88 and i want to install applications on it.

Please tell me which applications can be installed(like jar or jad or some other) and how to install as there is no option for installing any kind of application. i am using ur pc suite and its working great.

I have downloaded the pc suite and I have open the software and I had connected the Phone as Com but it can't read my phone it is china phone E71 Qwerty Eseries and it is not a touch screen but 2 sim please help me how to connect to pc to extract my phone book from pc.
Old 19-07-2009
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Please help me, I'm on the edge of smashing my phone to peices! Games mean a lot to me (but not as much as having a phone!) The music player is realy bugging me as it's too small to operate via a touchscreen, even with the pen! I'm trying to install the glass player but that is in .jar. When I use this, it says "fail to install java". Please help me fix this. I'm using the ZTE X760 (in my country called the T-Mobile Vairy Touch).

The issue here is that Chines mobile phones does not have any official site like Nokia or Sony. The PC is design by the manufacturer and then it can easily sync to pc. But when you connect the mobile to the computer it can be detected as a USB drive. You can also put mp3, wav, 3gp, file to your mobile and use a personalized ringtones also.

i want to drivers for sigmatel H900, i have china mobile S80i in which i want to install softwares like java, Opera Mini but can do? i want to install softwares like java, Opera Mini but can do?

As far as I understand from your message, it seems that you have not Chinese phone. So download the Nokia PC suite from Nokia website and everything will be OK. Chinese phones do not have RM code and software version is not coming by *#0000# code.

I have China Mobile the Model Name written in ST 818, please help How can i install games ? Jar, Jad file are not working, no option for PC Suite is there, only i can install file in Memory Card. This mobile is touch screen and

I have downloaded hundred version of them, may be all of them , and none of them get connected to my iPhone F003 with USB cable. Really I don't believe to find any working....... If someone have any solution please share it. Best regards!

I have China Mobile the Model Name written in ST 818, please help How can i install games ? Jar, Jad file are not working, no option for PC Suite is there, only i can install file in Memory Card. This mobile is touch screen and

Also, it does not support jar or jad file. I Had copied it to memory card and accessed it from mobile, it doesnt suport.

Which exten will it support ? i had tried .nes, .sis also

I used the code *#3646633# for engineer mode to my sigmatel s88 phone and selected high speed sim option on.

Then it suddenly switched off and its not starting I mean not switching on again.

i AM LOOKING FOR THE PC SUITE, does the pc suite work with the nokia n95 chinese mode?? and if yes how to put it on mobile games

And i need a driver ( i think) for windows because windows only recognize it as a usdb device... but it cant be installed... what i have to do? would u help me?

Is there a Nokia PC Suite which is compatible to G-Tide 70 Chinese phone?
how do i connect the bluetooth from my phone with the pc suite. again does phone suite mean same thing as pc suite. pls help meeeeeeeeeee

if i know the model perhaps i can know what pc suite to install. can any china phone pc suite do? Trojan 123 pls answer.

hello! I have the Iphone mini and it stated it has java but how do I add games to it. I installed the China iPhone PC Suite but whenever I click on the "install java on handset" it don't do nothing. can some one help, please!!

I m trying to download the pc suit but when i extract the file it showing error - Insert a disk with this volume and press "OK" to try again or press "Cancel" to break extraction.

Plz help how can i install the pc suit & games in my mobile.

*.nes files not support my chinna phone. what is the problem?

China phones supports some application, this is true, but which type is not yet know, if there are some experiments conducted, some say it supports .nes. But still not sure, you should give it a try...

As per my knowledge is concerned you don't need any kind of the software for the same. The phone is connected via a PC as a removable hard disk and the PC suit is installed in the system. If you are looking for the the driver of the same then you can check the link given below for the same.

I think that you cannot transfer your contacts from your computer to your phone because to transfer your contacts to your phone the backup file which you have on your computer should have been transferred from the same mobile phone. Hence it is not possible to transfer the contacts

I can?t connect it to my pc?er. After I connect the mobile to my pc I get a possibility to choose between 3 possibilities 1.mass storage 2. Web cam 3. Com port, the only connection I can get is to look the pictures on the pc.

How do I get the connection and how do I update new software on my phone
the phone data are
RM ?165



CODE 0565602

IC 662DD-RM233

China mobile phones support of .nes files that is application files with the extension. So you can install the game that has the extension with .nes. So check out for the same. This should help you out.
I am also having the k900 China Mobile, and facing the same trouble as you. I have searched PC Suite for k900 China Mobile over many websites but didn't get any. I have also contacted to the vendor from which I purchased this k900 China Mobile for the PC suit but then didn't have the PC suit software for k900. I don't know how to proceed.

According to me, there would be no PC suite provided by the China mobile. Think so, you would be having the data cable of your phone, so transfer the files through that cable only. And don't wait that there will be any pc suite for your china mobile. Try to search on Google if you can get the pc suite. Hope your problem will be solved.

There are lots of JAD and JAR files are available in Website, You can download from there. You need too just copy paste jar files to your mobile through data cable or blue tooth. this apps or games will run the java files on your mobile directly.. Best of luck.

Excellent product. I had not been using my chinese dual sim phone because of inabilty to backup /transfer messages contacts and files. File i could still do with bluetooth and as mass storage disk, however with this tool all my blockages got removed except alas! I dont have java in my phone.

Model CECT Vpower
OS: Windows XP
Bluetooth stack: MS
1) Activated blue tooth. Identified device on computer and let all drivers get installed.
2) Identified the SPP port from hardware/devices tab. There are 3 ports installed, one is for DUN, other for SPP and third for...i forgot.
3) Started the pc suit provided in this forum. Tried to install but it kept on failing at almost end, while trying to copy IN file.
4) I thought leave it, just run the phonesuite.exe file from the files
5) It started, wnt to settings and chose the port. There is no OK or anything to be done. Just choose the port.
6) Voila! Phone showed SPP profile connected and the software started downloading the addresses.

I smiled and smiled in excitrement and gratitude to the uploader as well as the developer. May all your dreams come true.

You don't need to setup the pc suite. You just run the PCSuite.exe file after extracting the rar file. Now follow the below step:
1. Click "Settings" menu
2. Select correct "Com Port" (make sure you should select "com port" option when you connect you phone with pc via usb. When you select Com Port option, your pc will show "new hardware found". After that select correct "driver" for you phone from "Driver" folder)

Hope you can access your phone now.

Hi, ismart. It's symple. You don't need to setup the pc suite. You just run the PCSuite.exe file after extracting the rar file. Now follow the below step:
1. Click "Settings" menu
2. Select correct "Com Port" (make sure you should select "com port" option when you connect you phone with pc via usb. When you select Com Port option, your pc will show "new hardware found". After that select correct "driver" for you phone from "Driver" folder)

Hope you can access your phone now.

trajon ur providing pc suit link i downloaded it but it is the media files.help me to find ps suit for china mobile zt321 /mt6227

same here ,zt 321 connected to com. shows removable disk
is that mean pc suit is allready in it.
how to find ,
but computer connect option is not working
no .nes games are working.

yes my mobile connected to com. that is removable disk ,
but when i try my com connect option it is installing to port com4 but,
what to do after how see the icon or how i use it

i m in mumbai. Purchase a china eiroga e71 mobile. downloaded the pc suite therein uploaded by trojan123. but i m not able to get connect it to the mobile. my mobile can connect to pc having option of mass storage device, webcam, com port. Even i had downloaded .nes games and installed in the mobile as sugested, but that is also not working.

i m having china eiroga e71 mobile

when installing phonesuite getting error of transfering file usb2ser_2k.inf

if running phonesuite.exe pc sync manager getting started but it can't recognise the mobile attach to pc via com port option. other 2 options are mass storages device and webcam. how can i see handset in handset filder in pc sync manager.

how can i install application using pc sync manager.
can i install java in my mobile.

i have a MT6235 i guess :-) becoz when i connected the USB it gave the error mt6235 driver not found and i still dont know where t0o get it from..also i just extracted the pc suite but have no clue how to use it ..
also i found out that my phone is supposed to have the shake control and the lanscape to portrait changing when i turn the phone direction..could any1 p.s tell me how do i turn it on if its not the sensor thats not working ;-)
the only thing i cn use now in this phone is the dual sim and wi-fi but that too each time i get disconected it asks me for the key again
oh n that leads me to aking that i cant type messages in it easily coz it turns back top the chinese language..where do i change settings for that..well honestly on real phones i go up n down the menu and find everything n fugure out most of it but with this one i am totally struggling.. desperate for ur help.. pleasee oh

guys i downloaded th pc suite n extracted bt it does nt recognize my phone so how do i connect to it..between bluetooth is working for me for now bt takes time
n yes wht abt tht shake control settings.. i cant use tht or is the sensor nt working at all??

how to download and install phone suit for i pro 6 model and how to activate gprs for docomo and aircel

i hav a voice Q-7 model,which is A TYPE OF CHINA MOBILE, i want to upload new themes to it,wud it be possible,pls reply

when i connect my phone, the pc suite can't recognize or cannot detect my phone.. it only prompt the storage mass and cam..... is there any other possible way to connect my phone ???

how to install china mobile pc suite?

and i have Sigmatel S80 model mobile

and how can i use internet through PC?

Dear Friends,
I am having Sigmatel FxD S90i Mobile
MT6225 E05
and I want to know whether it supports .nes games or any other applications related to softwares and games ........
If any one knows please help me!!!!!!!
the secret codes i know about this are
*#8375# - Version
*#66# - Factory Mode
*#3646633# - engineer mode
Other than that i dont know about any
If any one know please tell me........

I need below three things for my phone ;

1) PC Suit
2) Modem Connectivity driver for usage as gprs modem with my laptop
3)Meaning of Java connection that phone dispays as one of the options when I connect it to laptop usb.

I would be thankful to one who will provide me answers to it.

The problem was solve by asking my supplier for help
by the way
when I keyed *#06# the output was:
IMEI: 358636885195031
on the back of the phone, under the battery I found another nubmer :
IMEI: 135790246611220
Does that mean any thing ?
I would like to add that the phone was new ( OR NOT ) when I bought it
Old 16-08-2009
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Exclamation Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

hi there i have xksstel x12 and one day the usb stopped working, first the computer didnt recognize it as a drive at all, but it would still charge through my computer, than it stopped charging and still wasnt recognized as a drive, i tried hooking it up to other computers same problem, and it wont charge via the wall charger either, the usb cable itself is undamaged and not mis treated, ive re ordered another usb cable but if i plug that in and it still doesnt work what could be wrong? i even tried the 1,2,3 method of rar files to see if that would help and if anything its confused things even more....

ive tried restoring to factory settings and taking out the battery and draining the power from the handset , ive done almost everything i can barely even find info on this phone but its great and i love it, but its almost pointless if i cant use the usb portion of my phone and functions, i can use the mirco sd and remove it,put it in the adapter piece and than lucky i found my lap top has a memory chip slot thing, but thats an awful lot of work and doesnt help the fact i cant charge the phone, however i did get a free handset from my phone company that is nokia and yes that charger works my phone to charge but nothing else unfortunately.... so it can charge and work but this battery drains so quickly i usually charge it while on the computer on the road travelling , and even if i did get the car charger adapter with the usb cable it still wont read because something is wrong with the usb cable or port or software that reads the port... any help? sorry for the long list of babbling details, but i have a variety of issues and im basically no good with technology and did my best thus far.....

thank you for any info at all from anyone..

Old 19-08-2009
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Hi all,

I already tried to install the China PC Suite, but not work on my X600 Ken Xinda phones.I use Windows Vista OS.

Please help me. i need PC Suite and software for China Mobile Anycool T600. I wanted the PC suite for it & i clicked the link u had provided. Part 1 & Part 3 are downloaded but part 2 shows "database error".....I think dat the pc suite provided by trojan123 might work........just try it......else, if ur phone supports java, other java softwares can work in ur phone.........try searching for "java mobile softwares" in google..... i need pc suit for my phone where can i get pc suit for my phone my phone didnot connect to airltel live pls solve my problem.......

TELL ME HOW CAN I GET PC SUIT FOR MY '''''''''''''''''' LC C9 SLIDER '''''''''''''''''MOBILE HOW CAN I GET AIRTEL LIVE MANUAL SETTINGS.........PLS..................PLS..............HELP....ME

I m facing a problem. this PC-suite detects only one Sim i,e SIM 1. But it doesn't detect SIM 2. Is there any solution to this.
Old 29-08-2009
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Does anyone know of a PC suite that will support multiple lines in the address book. The PC Suite here only supports Name and Phone. There are PC suites that offer multiple line address book support, but then compatibality issues come up. Any help here will be welcome. if possible you can also look for me the covers for the same phone. IF any one have setup for instal games (nes) on Dual sim N95 Mtk6225, E05, my phone dont have EMUD folder in Fun and games,

and tried to use the engineering code and accedentally click on something and " i get the notification, 3 se. to shut down" and i cant open it no more. is there any solution for this? thanks and more power to your post!
Old 27-09-2009
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Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

I have an N7 I dunno what's the Model Number or anything, But I have a Picture from the one I bought in from Online

N7 Dual Sim Shake Control China Phone. I downloaded the PC suite, the one you posted above, but the links for USB drivers does not work.

I wanted to install some applications and games:

a push to the right direction is what I need. Pls. Need your help.

the PC suite doesnt seem to connect when I start it even if the Cellphone is USB attached to the PC, but the Memory Card can be manually read.

The PC suite you gave doesnt seem to connect as far as the cellphone.

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Old 06-10-2009
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The Chinese Phone models came with the USB cables but you can only use it as Mass Storage Device. Driver required when connect the phone to computer. PC sync Manager is the PC suite which works fine with all the Chinese Phone models. If driver required, it means the driver has been changed or lost, please try on other computers or reinstall the operation system. nstall the drivers from My Computer rightclick->properties->hardware->balloon on Comport->install drivers

Hi, i have a 2 sim china Iphone 2gb memory. Does anyone know if you can install on these phones android or other smartphones software not Chinese?
where can I find them?
Please download the PC SUite DRIVER for MT6225 COM port from linkbee to connect to internet for all Chinese mobile. GFIVE mobiles... And other. Working perfectly fine.

Hi I just open pc sync manger thats ok but when I connect my e71 to the pc it doesn't reconise it as hardware found. The phone tells me that there is a bad connection ? can anyone help. plus how do you download apps to it. thanks

Can anyone help me out here please. I've got a china i phone clone and I would like to run youtube on it and be able to uninstall some application but i don#t know how. I'm new to this java thing! thanks in advance. I run windows 7.
Old 13-11-2009
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Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

Anyone know Internet settings for china phone ? I m using reliance service I m not able to connect Internet on mobile?
hi iam using chinamobile N92 model . it have WAP, GSM , GPRS but i cant able to access net plz let me know how to get internet connection.. i explained my settings of china mobile N92 MODEL PLZ HELP ME

internet access

1. reliances services
2. wap
3. data account

when i got to WAP

recent pages
service inbox

when i go to settings

network setup
advanced setting
service inbox

when i go to network setup

i get some 10 profiles listed where i go to edit one of them

it has

1 profile name
2 homepage
3 Gateway
4 port
5 data account

then in settings when i got to data account

1 gsm data
2 gprs

when i go to gprs

ten profiles list out where i got to edit
then i find

1 account name
2 apn
3 username
4 password
5 auth type
Old 18-11-2009
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I already have the China mobile phone and i also worried about the connectivity problem to the PC but its not that difficult to use China Mobile. You just have to Install China Mobile Phone Pc Suite which is already exist in the phone itself. Just connect your phone with PC using Data Cable or Bluetooth device.

And for the application that you want to use with your phone, download and just copy past that application to your phone and install it from your phone.

I guess that the format of the game that you are trying to install in your phone is not supported by the device. Make sure that you try to install any game that is supported by the phone. I guess that only JAR files are supported on your phone.
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Old 25-11-2009
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Re: China Mobile Phone Pc Suite

This might be a bad news for you but unfortunately China Phone N99i do not support Java OS. However if you want then you can emulate NES games on it. Some of those games includes:
  • Adventure Island II
  • Adventures of Lolo 3
  • Baseball Stars
  • Batman: The Video Game
  • Blades of Steel
  • Blaster Master
  • Castlevania
  • Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers
  • Contra
  • Crystalis
  • Dr. Mario
  • Dragon Warrior
  • Duck Hunt
  • Final Fantasy
  • Ghosts 'N Goblins
  • Ice Climber
  • IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II
  • Kung Fu
  • Lode Runner
  • Mario Bros.
  • Mega Man
  • Ninja Gaiden
  • Super Mario Bros.
  • Tetris
  • Wizards & Warriors
Old 16-01-2010
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question Does'nt connect my E71 (EIROGA) China mobile to pc syncmanager...

hi bro, I am Sanjeev, From New Delhi, i need some help...

i have china Mobile E71 (EIROGA) its realy looks like original E71.
my problem is that i cannot connect my phone to pc suite through usb cable.

After installing PC Suite, i connect my phone to my pc through USB cable, and select COM Port option in my phone and after that i opened pc syncmanager but in pc syncmanager does not show my phone.

1. Successfully Installed pc syncmanager...

2. Phone Successfully connect with USB cable

3. Phone successfully connect with COM Pot

but pc syncmanager does not show my phone.

Please help me....?

My USB phone modem is MT6225...

One more thing if i try to connect my phone USB Mass Storage mode so it was connect successfully.

Plz Rply Me....
Old 01-02-2010
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As per my knowledge the China made phone does not require the PC suit to connect to the PC all it need is the Data cable for the connection to the Computer. After that the device is detected as the Removable Hard disk. By clicking on which will make the complete data of the phone available for you. And if your phone is not detected then it might be the problem of the data cable or the USB port is not functioning properly.

I also had this same problem with my China mobile which was gifted to me. First of all every now and then it used to hang and then switch Off and On randomly on its own. Some files which were earlier compatible earlier were not supported latter. I finally took my mobile phone to a local mobile shop from where I got some softwares for it. But it worked for a while and then again it had the same problem. So I suggest you to take your mobile to a local mobile shop, though this might not be the exact solution, but hope it works well for you.

thanks for your answer but can you get me the soft copy of what your engineer gave you? cause my problem is that my system cannot communicate with the phone thus it detects the phone immediately after the connection and the phone will prompt you to use it for either WEBCAM, STORAGE DEVICE or COM which after...... which ever one you choose doesn't work. and for the WEBCAM it takes all day. I just want the system to detect the phone either as anyone of the above so I can start from somewhere. thanks once more.....

Thanks for the suggestion, but the problem is that when i connect my phone to the pc, it does not recognize any of the different connection options, as mass storage, webcam, etc.
Although I am not sure, it seems that when connecting to a pc with a 32 it does recognize some of the options. That is why I am looking for drivers for windows 7 64 bit.
Again, thanks for your help

If the phone is having bluetooth connectivity there is no need for installing the game using the PC sync manager. You can get the game jar file on the phone and directly install it on the phone. There are lot of games which are supported by the phone which you can get online. Download the jar file for the game and run it on the phone directly.

You can download the drivers for your MT6235 from the following post (attachment) China Mobile PC Suite for MT6235. And to use the pc suite, install it on your system connect the phone via cable. When you will open the pc suite there are many icons with text that indicates what is it about. Just click the appropriate icon for what you are looking for. Simple

Originally Posted by RGQUERO View Post
i need a pc suit for china phone A2618, please give a suitable for this kind of model.
i dont understand, why you want specific pc suite for your model no. mobile phone. Usually, every other china mobile phone uses one and the same pc suite and therefore I recommend you to get the china phone pc suite from this similar thread, incase if it is not working then there seems to be a problem with your china mobile phone model.
Old 29-03-2010
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i can download these files but i dont know how to run this software.. plz explain step by step procedure plz

hi bro, i have purchased recently i9+++1, and i want to know abt it's pc suit and mobile games for thuis model, and it's seller claims that i will support noika battery , can u guide and answer all my querrie please......

But I wanted to import my phone list of numbers into the software provided by Trojan123. Can you help me out.

i have achina zt788 phone please let me know how to use connect to internet

really i cant able to findout the .exe file... plzz help me again or send to my mail id plzz eagerly waiting for ur reply.. plz dont hesitate howmany times they ask again and again.. plzz help me

Plz help me to get a pc suite for china E71 for connecting it to my PC for accessing Internet.

my chaina mobile is fully locked due to emei verification what iwill do plzz suggest me.no incoming and out going calls nothing;;;;;

How i can install Java software in n5800 xpress music china mobile. Plz help us.

i hav sigmatel s90i plz tel me if there is a pc suite

how i connect to net using Zong

any one help me i have china nokia 6300 how i connect to internet
reply me on 9230147737 pakistan or by e mail

To buy China mobile phone M011 - 3.0 inch touch screen, handwrite, camera, TV, blue-tooth, Java, WiFi at Rs. 7450/- is it worth? and is it possible to install any software on it? Is there any software to manage this phone? Please help me to take a proper decision

is this compatible for blackberry bold 9000 china phone?

Anyone can advise me that how can i get the PC Suite & supporting software for China Mobile Lephone A10

i have sigmatel s4 i want to access mobile internet connect to pc how?????????

can u please advise how shall i install any software & game in my mobile

How do i find which PC suite will suite my phone......

when i started to unzib china pc suit it cuold not be unzib would u like to ask me plz how can i unzib these file pc suit 1,2,3 rar.
thanks once more
Old 30-03-2010
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The software is working superply.
Could you please tell me that, can we import our own phone numbers into the phonebook from .csv or from any other format.

And also where is the pcfolder we create are created?

I have two querys. 1. Import is not working. is there any specific format for the .csv file to be.
2. when I tried to unzip the 2 part of the software the following msg is been given.

D:\Documents and Settings\Isha\Desktop\ChinaPhoneSuite .part2.rar: You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack ChinaPhoneSuit\ChinaPhoneSuite.rar

what has to be done to extract parts 2 and 3

You have replied to me and not jayanttripathi. I appreciate your intention to help others.

Thank you for your wonderful software. I am using it for sending bulk sms via bluetooth (my data cable not working and no other new data cable is detecting data).
As per another brother's suggestion i have successfully installed the software by copying the driver folder inside the china phonesuite folder. But i found that there is no pcfolder in the message section which was there when i use phonesuite.exe directly as per your instruction. why is it so? could you please explain.
And also i found to import my own phone numbers to the pcfolder in phonebook section from a .csv file. The format should be as below :

Name, Phone Number
"Sachin Tendulkar","9884455661"
"Adam Gilchrist","9988445566"

But MSExcel will create only as below (after saving as .csv file) :

Name, Phone Number
Sachin Tendulkar,9884455661
Adam Gilchrist,9988445566

and so the above wont be working.

I have a solution for this using a macro (in excel), if you want i am greatful to share with you and for all.
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