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Thread: Sony Ericsson C902 + GPS

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    Sony Ericsson C902 + GPS

    I have the C902 and it would be interesting to connect a Bluetooth GPS. I think we can do with this laptop, I also believe that we must install a soft type in JAVA Amaze for a display of the position.

    It will work without options such unlimited Internet?

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    Re: Sony Ericsson C902 + GPS

    Yes, but it will cost you by,
    Amaze fetches the instructions on their server, if you said this does not map (just indications in the form of arrows) is not very expensive and it can download data at the time that Route .

    In short, it must be an access data.

    PS apart from that you're happy with your 902?

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    Re: Sony Ericsson C902 + GPS

    Ok so I'll forget It was just near the side a little gadget thing: D!

    Regarding the C902 itself! It is great:
    design is class, the keyboard a bit small but I think it was with excellent sound quality, aluminum hull / plastic so it is not cheap, very good screen colors, resolution etc ... the slide is really nice, I did not know how to take pictures at the beginning When you open the slide, you touch all the buttons the way photo / video light blue (beautiful) and back (next target), a small "neon" lights up in blue as is simply unnecessary but beautiful ! So a big more aesthetic level! The quality of photos is remarkable, is still a pretty good lighting, you can easily put the photo on the PC, no problem, I admit that good full screen on my 26 "is pixelated and more! A multitude fashion photo, timer, flash, the photo-taking immediate, no latency between the draft of the shutter and taking the photo => rare on laptops! It is a photophone therefore need at least ca! Level video it is quite acceptable, it looks in bone quality on the laptop, a little less on the PC but it is not so bad! In addition ed ca, for viewing photos or videos, the automatic rotation and putting in fullsize automatic genius, you can easily watch a movie with a video I encoded ATV that I made with a camcorder dig, the result is nikel, highly detailed video!

    I have not yet found any faults at the moment, good should also be noted that I spend a D500E to this one !
    Moreover, level autonomy, compare the D500 is a camel, 1 weeks battery with use of music (headset) and games and occasionally a dozen photos! My D500 took 3d .... good must not expect to hold a week listening to music on the HP, the one that is set Aprem because the power is there!

    Finally short, that good for me!

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