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Old 14-11-2008
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Sansa e200 Playlist

I currently have the Sansa e200, and I wonder whether it is possible to create multiple playlists at once, from the job or when my mp3 is connected. Example a playlist that contains such tone, another who contains the old music .. I know that we can create one from without direction, but we must listen to the song and then "add to playlist", that when you take 500 songs in 20 in the lot one by one is a bit long!
In the background I have a playlist to listen to such and such kind of music without having to always change artist. Thank you in advance!
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Old 14-11-2008
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Re: Sansa e200 Playlist

You must first enter the sansa file then: Music, right click + create a selection, now there is a new file. Play, double click it and click on "References". Now you can change the playlist
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Old 14-11-2008
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Re: Sansa e200 Playlist

I ran into the same problem as you, I really needed to be able to put playlists onto my new Sansa E250. I followed these steps pretty much verbatim (including formatting my new device, and it worked like a charm. I hope this helps!
here is how to FORMAT, UPDATE FIRMWARE and CREATE MULTIPLE PLAYLISTS (in media player10)
If your firmware is already version 12 (check settings\info in the Sansa menu) jump to multiple playlists creation...

To format your Sansa E200 series MP3 player:
1. Open "My Computer."
2. With the player plugged into the USB port, right-click on the player (if in MTP mode) or the drive letter for your player (if in MSC mode) and select "Format" from the right-click menu.
3. Press "Start."
4. You will receive a warning that the format process will erase all data on your device.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have backed up all of your data from the device before continuing with the format. Procedure will erase everything off the player. Agree to the warning.
5. The format will complete. Close the format window and your player should be ready to use.

After the format, please install the latest firmware update for your player. Please visit the following link to download and upload the Firmware on your Sansa E200:

PLEASE NOTE: All files will be deleted. Backup your files. Your MP3 player must be in MSC mode before installing the Firmware update.

To set your player in MSC mode, please do the following:

1. When the player is turned on, press the Menu button.
2. Navigate to the Settings menu.
3. Navigate to USB.
4. Under the USB menu, go to MSC.
After changing the player to MSC mode, reconnect it to your computer. The screen on the MP3 player should read USB Connected and MSC.
You can now complete the Firmware update download from SanDisk.com on your device.
Installation Instructions:

1. Unplug any other USB flash drives that's connected to any of your USB ports.
2. Download the firmware to your PC
3. Plug in your e200
4. Double-click on the downloaded firmware (e200fw01.00.12.exe) and follow instructions
5. Unplug your e200
6. Device will do it's own update process and will restart.
The device should be ready to be used again.

After formatting and downloading the firmware upgrade for the device, let's try to add the playlist again.

To add a playlist to your Sansa e200 player, please follow these instructions:

First, make sure device is showing as an "audio device" and in MTP mode. Next create a playlist by right clicking a song in the library, add to>additional playlists>new or by saving a now playing list. Select the Sync tab and click "Sync settings". Check "Synchronize device automatically". Set "View" to "All Playlists". Place a check next to the playlists they want to transfer to device. Media Player should then sync those lists once you hit ok.
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Old 14-11-2008
Join Date: Jan 2006
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Re: Sansa e200 Playlist

I also had the same problem with playlists on my Sansa before I did the firmware update.

If you haven't already, try the Sansa Firmware Updater here:
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