The new Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable provides a simple way to transfer files, settings, preferences, and more from your PC to a new Mac computer. Unlike existing products where you have to drag and drop specific files you want to transfer, the Switch-to-Mac Cable-with its easy-to-use Migration Assistant-automatically moves your music, movies, photos, files, and Internet preferences, making the transition from PC to Mac as seamless as possible.

Now that Mac computers support Windows® applications, a growing number of PC owners are switching to them, making the ability to work with existing PC files a necessity. The Switch-to-Mac Cable ensures a hassle-free experience when transitioning to your new Mac.


  1. A 2008 Needham report shows that after a decade of stagnation, Macintosh unit sales have almost tripled in the past three years.

  2. Needham goes on to say that the most significant barrier to switching from PC to Mac was the Mac computer's inability to run windows applications.

  3. Needham forecasts that in the next 10 years, Mac unit sales will grow dramatically to almost 40 million units by 2017.


  1. Available Now in the US

  2. February 2009 in Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Switch-to-Mac Cable

  1. Transfers at USB 2.0 speeds

  2. Migration Assistant moves files and settings from default PC folders and applications to default Mac folders and applications, then gives summary of transferred content

  3. Compatible with Windows XP or Windows Vista

  4. Compatible with Mac OS X v10.4 and v10.5