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Thread: Mickey Mouse Glove USB Flash Drive

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    Mickey Mouse Glove USB Flash Drive

    Disney earlier this year has found a new way to milk Mickey fans with flash drives shaped like the ironic cartoon character's head (even though only the ear is the actual drive). It would seem Disney is quite satisfied with the sales results of the novelty item.

    The company is now ordering a new batch of flash drives resembling Mickey's white glove.The latest addition to the steadily growing stream of Mickey Mouse gadgets is this USB flash drive shaped liked one of the white gloves that the cartoon mouse is wearing.

    he product is manufactured by A-Data Technology, the company that brought us the USB flash drive shaped like Mickey’s head, and available in three sizes: 2, 4 and 8GB.

    Head over to the website for more photos of the Mickey Mouse Glove USB Flash Drive (unfortunately, there is no word on pricing or availability).

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    Re: Mickey Mouse Glove USB Flash Drive

    I am a big fan of Micky mouse, this one may be small but i want it none the less. how can i get my hands on one?

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