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Thread: Dell, Warranty and Operating System

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    Dell, Warranty and Operating System

    Hi Everyone,

    I have a DELL XPS M1530 since this summer with Windows Vista 32bit. I took the 3-year warranty.
    I now install Fedora on the same laptop, but I have some questions:

    1. If I format / partition my drive and modifies it to install Linux, if I dual-boot or if I take all the space, does it count as a modification of the computer that could invalidate the warranty?

    2. If I completely Vista in favor of Fedora, can I have special software coming DELL default installed on the computer as "Dell Webcam" and "Dell fingerprint reader? Will I reinstall Vista?

    3. Dell laptops they work well with Linux in general?

    Thank you in advance for your answers ...

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    1 - No, I think so, but must still verify the side of DELL
    2 - Yes, in principle you have the CD of Vista, otherwise you must be able to ask Dell if you paid the license you are entitled to have the CD. With all the computers Dell I bought myself or my father, all the CDs were provided .
    3- I'm on an old Dell laptop 4 years ago and I am under xubuntu and it runs smoothly

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    but I think the Vista version of Dell is a special edition. At least it comes with special programs. These should be included on the installation CDs?

    What worries me most is the guaranty !

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    I bought a Dell XPS M1530, a month ago, and I had done some research, read the texts of guarantees ... Nothing indicated that a software modification level was losing the guarantee (hence the evening where I received, there was no vista).

    Then I received all CDs with Recovery, MediaCenter ...

    And it works perfectly with Ubuntu, recognition of the Wi-Fi card, until fingerprint reader via webcam from the first startup.

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    The guarantee is in hardware and software at Dell. If a problem occurs there just to provide no service tag that corresponds only to the characteristics of equipment purchased.

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