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Thread: Shiro SQ-S MP3 Player Is Self Powered

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    Shiro SQ-S MP3 Player Is Self Powered

    Shiro Previews Latest Eco-Friendly Media Player, Shiro SQ-S

    Shiro Corporation, a Singapore Company, is participating in the upcoming Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition from 13 to 16 October 2008, booth 2D06, Hall 2. This exhibition will be an exciting one for the company as for the first time Shiro is previewing its latest media player's design, Shiro SQ-S, which has solar power up capability! This player has also been selected as one of the finalists for the HKEIA Award for Outstanding Innovation & Technology Products.

    Get Your Media Player Power Up Even While on the Move

    Shiro SQ-S is a 1.8" 65K colors LCD display media player that has multiple usages. You can use it to listen to your favorite songs. The wide music formats (MP3/ WMA/ WAV/ FLAC/ APE/ OGG) playback capability allows you to load in different song format without the hassle of the need for further conversion. If you like to break away from listening to your song collection, you can turn on the FM tuner and listen to your favorite radio station. You can even record the song you hear right off the station. Other usages will be video watching, photo viewing, text viewer and voice recording.

    Having up to 16GB built-in memory, Shiro SQ-S allows you to store many of your song/ video collections in it. You will definitely be impressed by the playback hours this compact size player can deliver. With one full charge, this player can playback up to 35 hours of music or up to 7 hours of video. This compact and sleek player has a unique feature of charging your media player from natural sunlight other than charging through USB port. This is possible as SQ-S is equipped with solar cell designed at the back of the player. By placing the player under the sun with its back facing up, your player will be fully charged within 4 hours. Giving today's society context of moving towards a more eco-friendly environment, Shiro SQ-S is a move by Shiro Corporation in providing an alternative in using nature energy to power up personal electronic device.

    This player comes in sleek black with 3 colors (Silver/ Red/ Blue) and 4 patterns variation in its circular keypad.

    Other products showcasing during the show include New Shiro MQ media player, existing media player series, Skype Dect Dual Phones, DECT Phones, ADSL2+ Modem/ Wireless Modems and Wireless Router.

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    Well, it might not be an iPod killer in any way, but comes with a built-in solar cell that allows you to keep it juiced no matter where you are (as long as there is sunlight)

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    It takes approximately 4 hours for a full charge, which should be more than enough time especially when you sit right beside a window at the office.

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