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Old 03-10-2008
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Nintendo announces Wii Speak Channel

As one of the last two announcements for their fall media summit, Nintendo has announced the Wii Speak Channel for use with the Wii microphone (pictured, from E3 2008). According to Cammy Dunaway, up to four people can chat together, and the microphones will come with a coupon to download the channel.

Of course, this leads to a plethora of other questions, such as: release date, price (if not buying with the microphone), can a USB mic be substituted, what else can we do with the channel besides speak? We're not holding our breath waiting for answers anytime soon.

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Old 03-10-2008
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Nintendo Conference

Nintendo Conference

Even after we provide an easier tool, a technical hurdle still remains. As the internet has been coming through to each of your homes with different setups, for those who do not have some specific technical knowledge, it is always difficult to set up applicable devices to initiate Wi-Fi communications at home. So, we have come up with the idea that those who have already overcome the hurdle are more willing to help others who have not

Sorry for the long name for this campaign, but we would like to call this, "Those who can connect Wii with the Internet can help others who can't, and both can earn 500 Wii Points." In other words, we would like those who are already connecting Wii to the Internet successfully to help others around them or among their friends who have not done so yet. When they go through a certain procedure, we will provide the Wii consoles of those who helped and those who were helped with 500 Wii Points each. We will disclose the detailed information on our official web site.

Next, I'd like to talk about "Animal Crossing; City Folks," which is one of the core titles to be launched by the end of this year.
This is the latest addition to Animal Crossing series, the DS version of which has realized 5 million sales. Our developers spent a long time designing this Wii version so you are able to enjoy a relaxed life with enriched content in the world of Animal Crossing. If you have played the DS version, you can move to this new village and bring some of the play experiences of the DS village. And, we have a new "Town" for you to explore and to create new experiences. Go to the beauty shop, and you can put your Mii on your face.
As I said, Wii proves its worth when it is connected with the Internet.

To take advantage of the Wi-Fi capability, we have developed Wii Speak accessory that can be used with this Animal Crossing software.

It looks like this, ...

This Wii Speak can connect up to 4 individual locations, not just 4 individuals. Even when you are playing with your friends in far away places, you can enjoy chatting with them while playing Animal Crossing together as if they are sitting next to you.

Also, when you enter a code that will be included in the Wii Speak package into the Shopping Channel, the Wii Speak Channel can be incorporated into the Wii console.

In other words, even when you do not activate the Animal Crossing software, the Wii console can connect one living room with others.

If your friend does not own Wii Speak, you can send a message with voices to their Wii consoles through the Wii Message Board.

We will launch "Animal Crossing; City Folks" at the suggested retail price of 7800yen for the package with Wii Speak and 5800yen without Wii Speak. Both launch on November 20.
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