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Thread: Samsung SCH-W570 and Samsung SPH-W5700: First Dual 2.2 Screen Mobile phone

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    Samsung SCH-W570 and Samsung SPH-W5700: First Dual 2.2 Screen Mobile phone

    Here you are the SCH-W570 and SPH-W5700, from Samsung, a 3G (GSM/WCDMA) handset with feature the first 2.2 Dual Screen. Once closed our clamshell device feature a 2.2 Touch Screen with a dedicated UI which will allow you to quickly access to your data, Mp3, Video and so on, and once open you will have the very same screen and be able to access to your phone keyboard and use your screen like with any other clamshell. Our phone also features a 3Mpix Camera

    I have to admit that I am in love but this concept is pretty cool and being able to use your phone easily like this with a touch screen without the needs for ugly key is pretty cool.

    Source: akihabaranews

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    Wow That's so cool Eager to see that.

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