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Thread: SAMSUNG Releases 'YOUTUBE-FRIENDLY' Camcorder: Samsung VM-MX25E and Samsung MV-MX2OR

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    SAMSUNG Releases 'YOUTUBE-FRIENDLY' Camcorder: Samsung VM-MX25E and Samsung MV-MX2OR

    Samsung Electronics Co. (KSE:005930) released two video camcorders today that allow for easier movie-making and uploading to YouTube and other video-streaming services.

    The two models, the VM-MX25E and the MV-MX2OR, come with default "Web" and "Mobile" recording modes, which allow users to shoot with 640X480 display resolution, YouTube's default, Samsung said in a statement.

    The devices also let users shoot directly in H.264, AAC and MP4 video formats, saving users time where they previously had to convert movie files into preferred formats.

    They also come with a pre-installed editing software called Cyber Link that lets users upload their videos directly from the camera to YouTube, Samsung said.


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    More information on the Samsung VM-MX25E Camcorder

    Here you are the 2nd generation of Compact SD Video Camera from Samsung, the VM-MX25E. Our new and improved Camera is using the H.264 format, and can record up to 8h of DVD quality like video (640 x 480) on only 16GB of Memory (SD Cards, 32GB Max)). Samsung also worked hard on the Video quality with a new 3-D Noise (3D Noise Reduction) in Low Light. Our Camera will be available in Black or Red for $340 USD.

    Samsung VM-MX25E Camcorder Photo

    Samsung VM-MX25E Camcorder Picture


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