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Thread: AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT touch screen digital camera

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    AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT touch screen digital camera

    AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT digital camera : It's impossible to stop touching the new AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT with touch screen. At photokina 2008 the new digital camera will be presented to the public for the first time. The new AgfaPhoto familiy member will be on display from the 23rd through the 28th of September 2008 in Hall 05.2, booth C031, waiting to be touched. The Agfa Photo DC-1338sT camera has a 3" touch screen TFT display. A gentle touch - either with a finger or a stylus - of the display is all it takes for the user interface to open up. Thanks to the intuitive icons the Agfa Photo DC-1338 sT is immediately user-operable, so that all the functions and settings can be used lightning fast.

    Touchscreen digital camera

    Apart from the touch screen TFT display of the light and compact digital camera its chic black metal casing will also win you over. With this design the AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT is bound to attract all looks towards it and conjure up a little smile to the lips of those photographed. With its "Smile detection" function those joyously radiant facial expressions will be automatically focussed on for sharp result. For even more successful results the camera comes equipped with a "Face tracking" function - which clearly improves the capture of faces - plus the picture stabiliser and the AF light. This enables you to take great photos even under difficult lighting conditions.

    AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT touchscreen camera
    The Agfa Photo DC-1338sT camera features a 3x optical zoom and a 5x digital zoom, a 10-megapixel resolution, a sensitivity up to ISO 3200 and 22 scene modes, such as Sport and Night shot mode. In addition to an Album and Photo frame function, there is a built-in loud speaker for video recordings as well as a Burst function, enabling you to take a consecutive series of photos. In the package there is also a rechargeable battery and an external charging device.

    AgfaPhoto 1338sT price & availability
    For fans of YouTube the AgfaPhoto DC1338 camera has another special highlight: whoever records videos can immediately save them in the YouTube format and upload them without problem to the portal. The AgfaPhoto DC-1338sT compact camera is available from the end of October for 179 euros (RRP including VAT). At photokina 2008 in Germany you can try out the AfgaPhoto touch screen digital camera from the 23rd through the 28th of September 2008 in Hall 05.2, booth C031.

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    The 10 megapixel camera isn't quite the top of the line, even with the 3-inch touchscreen: smile detection, face tracking, and a low-res YouTube video mode aren't exactly huge selling points -- especially for €179 ($265). The non-touchscreen DC-1338i version has been available in the States for a while now, so the morbidly curious can expect to see this bad boy at a Walgreens sometime in the future.

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