The first Android phone will be announced next Tuesday the 23rd by T-Mobile. Photos of the T-Mobile G1 Google phone have already appeared now on the web.
The G1 shown has appeared already several times in more or less blurry videos and photos. Some still doubt that this is the final T-Mobile G1, as the device was often claimed as developer prototype.
A leaked page from the T-Mobile site shown on Engadget has a teaser box showing a black T-Mobile G1 resembling the one shown in the photo.
I am still not sold on the G1 phone. Many of my friends already a very concerned about Google trying to know everything they do online, they will sure not give Google their mobile life.
The G1 has a keyboard, which is an advantage over the iPhone, but the whole G1 design is by far not as slick. The only hope left lies in the Android software, but the first generation might also rather underwhelm.