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Thread: Eizo's C@T-one TV remote control mouse: wheel, reinvented

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    Eizo's C@T-one TV remote control mouse: wheel, reinvented

    NANAO CORPORATION is, TV remote control function wireless mouse with "EIZO C @ T-one (one cat)" was launched September 12, 2006. The
    sale of the company's retail store and direct sales center site. The prices are open direct sales prices priced at 12,600 yen.

    "EIZO C @ T-one (one cat)," the circular design. Using a mouse can turn back to the unit, TV, including multi-infrared remote control switch. Body in the built-in tilt sensors, remote control for use as a function of the mouse will automatically become clear.

    9 TV remote control button type is, by default, power, channel UP / DOWN, the volume UP / DOWN, broadcast switching, input switching, PinP, has been assigned to silencer. NANAO products, including third-party TV / video / digital tuner / CATV tuner as well as support. Included with the application, PC code on the remote control you. The company is "working on the PC while sitting at the same time to operate TV" or "kitchen, TV, I saw a cooking recipe obtained from the website", and looked at the situation and the products.

    The mouse functions, 2.4 GHz band, using radio, the effective range is about 10 m. Mouse button, scroll wheel left and right buttons and three-button technology. The type of optical sensors are used. Also, do not operate more than 30 minutes, the mouse automatically become a power-saving feature is OFF function.

    Body size is 83 32.9mm (diameter height) and weighs approximately 120 g (including battery). AA alkaline batteries for power, battery life about three months.

    USB interface is a receiver the size of 18 47.2 9.4mm (Depth height width) and weighs approximately 6 g. Supported OS is, Windows2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

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    The C@T-one (get it, cat one?) ships with a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle and should work with your PC-based media center or FORIS.HD TV. 12,600 (about $120), problem solved.

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    Eizo C@t-one is a curious product: one side is a regular wireless optical three-button mouse with scroll wheel, and the other is a basic 9-function TV remote. It's a 2.4GHz device, with a small USB dongle, and is designed to work with Nanao TVs, as well as third-party TVs, videos and tuners, and it looks like it'll work as a PC controller too, for media-center action.

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