Mead has introduced its first new product that it hopes will be a big hit this coming holiday shopping season. The product is called the Meade mySKY PLUS. The device looks like a control for an RC car and has a large encyclopedia of knowledge and updated multimedia content that has images and explanation of celestial objects.

The device uses point and shoot technology to allow users to aim at a sky object and hit the button to get more information. The mySKY PLUS has over 30,000 objects in its database and can also provide a tour of the night time sky tailored to the time, date and location.

"Just in time for the holidays and for the upcoming 2009 International Year of Astronomy, the mySKY PLUS is the next best thing to having your own personal astronomer in the backyard. Consumer will love the mySKY PLUS's enhanced interactive content that is sure to aid amateur astronomers in better understanding the universe we live in," said Steve Muellner, CEO, Meade Instruments.