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Thread: 160GB Hard Disk for MSI Wind Notebook U100

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    160GB Hard Disk for MSI Wind Notebook U100

    MSI is apparently releasing a new MSI Wind U100 netbook with a 160GB HDD instead of the 80GB HDD available in the currently sold models.
    Apparently Microsoft lifted the HDD storage limit on the low-cost XP license to 160GB.
    MSI already offers also some 120GB MSI Wind models on their shop. Other features are the same, only the hard-drive sizes vary.

    MSI should start to offer also SSD based MSI Wind U100 to directly compete with more of the Asus Eee PC netbooks.
    More details on HKEPC (Taiwanese).

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    You can watch movies and listen to music so it's not too ridiculous.

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    No it is clear already that I hate these devices but it is my opinion, making a hard drive is really ridiculous, I think we can not descend lower

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    6 A battery cells would have been better :/

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