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Thread: Samsung i900 or HTC Diamond

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    Samsung i900 or HTC Diamond

    Hello everyone,

    I look beautiful everywhere ... compare the specs ...

    I can definitely not definitively choose between Diamond and i900 ...

    Maybe this subject he already been launched ... but a little help

    After level stuff that I want ... 2 phones have ... may be an outside opinion ...

    Thank you in advance ....

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    2 BIG defects about Diamond:
    1) 4GB of internal memory. No microSD, you can never put more memory. (I who now 8GB in my N95 is a minimum)
    2) Cameras ridiculous. (htc has never invested in)

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    To better answer your question it would be interesting to know your criteria.

    After respect to the memory 4gb is sufficient for my part (I think), say 1 go to the operating system and software, 1gb for music, 1gb for photos / videos and films 1-2, the rest for GPS maps but I think you still room ...
    It is on that you can not put 15 000 films, nor 10gb music but I do not think it was useful especially with TV and internet if you have the option is going well and that the battery will never all

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    The HTC Touch Diamond is one of those new smartphones touch screen optimized for use with one hand. After leaving the iPhone in June 2007, many manufacturers of mobile phones have tried to replicate the same innovative user interface of the device and the Diamond Touch really seems to approach especially because of the vast customization its operating system based on Windows Mobile 6.1.

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