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Thread: Want to Unlock Apple 3G iphone

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    Want to Unlock Apple 3G iphone

    Hi friends

    I am from India in India apple 3G iphone cost is Rs 31,000 it's very high thats why i have told my uncle (My Uncle is living in London.) to send me an 3G iphone because in London cost of 3G iphone is $199(8GB) And $299 (16GB). But now i am having one question that how to unlock 3G iphone. I want to use my 3G iphone on Airtel and Idea network. Any one can help me ?

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    Here is software for unlocking 3G iphone it will cost you Rs. 1,481.66 (Euro 22.99) but after that you can Use any GSM Sim card worldwide and you will not lose features or functionality in 3G iphone.
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    In Mumbai you can Unlocked your Apple 3G iphone at Hera panna. They are charging Rs.1500 to unlocked 3G iphone.

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    Re: Want to Unlock Apple 3G iphone

    This is the best site and program I've come across if you want to unlock a 3g iphone let's you use any SIM you want in the world. Plus it also jailbreaks the phone so you can get Cydia and other apps.

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    Re: Want to Unlock Apple 3G iphone

    Iphone unlock in mumbai for 500 9960844434

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