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Thread: Technology GSM OR CDMA?

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    Technology GSM OR CDMA?

    Hello guys!
    Why India is avouring GSM standard and not CDMA technology?
    Reliance is also trying to expand its GSM operations.
    Whereas the 3G standard is all based on the CDMA technology. I dont understand why don't we stick to CDMA technology?
    What you say guys?

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    Hi Rajesh!
    See the cost of deployment is cheaper for the operators in GSM technology.
    Qualcomm and its proprietary & royalty issue has prompted Reliance to move away from CDMA and expand Reliance Telecom [GSM wing] aggressively.

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    That means India is also about to skip 3G & move to 4G? ;P

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    Why people need 3G?
    I prefer GSM technology over CDMA. Since there are more features available for GSM users than CDMA.
    What do you think?

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