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Thread: Lenovo unveils IdeaPad U8

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    Lenovo unveils IdeaPad U8

    Lenovo advantage of the Beijing Olympic Games to announce the IdeaPad U8. At the Olympic Games this MID is actually delivered with a digital television receiver CMMB to receive free tests.

    It has a touch screen of 4.8 inches, measuring 21 mm thick and weighs 350 grams. It is equipped with an Intel processor Atom Silverthorne (a TDP less than 3 watts), 1 GB of RAM (expandable to 2 gigabytes) and 6 gigabytes of flash memory. Also this machine does not reluctant in terms of connectivity being equipped with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, EDGE and 3G (in a version specific to China). This handheld has finally 2 cameras, including one in front for video.

    Although for the time reserved exclusively for the Chinese market, is expected to be presented at the Intel Developer Forum (which takes place in San Francisco from 19 to 21 August) in a version adapted to markets European and American. No details have yet been made on the date of availability or on prices in these markets.

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    The big key above is not very good compared to the rest ... but yes it is quite beautiful, it makes me think the PSP I do not know why

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    indeed beautiful and technically well-equipped

    not suited to my needs, but it is a compromise between a super Archos and a Eeepc

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    A little late anyway to take advantage of the Olympics ...

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