Nokia has announced a new handset, the Nokia 3610 Fold. It doen't have any advance featured. The quadband (GSM 850/900/1800/1900) handset comes with everything people need to stay in touch. The spacious keypad of the Nokia 3610 Fold makes for effortless typing of texts and messages and ensures excellent usability. The smooth back fold design gives the Nokia 3610 Fold an understated elegance and its ergonomic shape - when opened - makes for a seemingly natural alignment to the human face.

Nokia 3610 Fold having 1.3 Megapixel camera and 6x digital zoom the Nokia 3610 Fold makes it easy to capture memories and share moments with others. The bright 2 screen of the Nokia 3610 Fold displays pictures, messages and web pages in up to 262K colors while the external display indicates incoming calls, messages or an analogue clock With support for optional microSD cards of up to 4GB the Nokia 3610 Fold comes with ample memory for pictures, videos, music and more.

Nokia 3610 Fold will be available in four colors - red, rose, blue and green. The The Nokia 3610 Fold will launched in September of 2008 for an estimated retail price of EUR 125 (around $190) excluding taxes and subsidies.