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Thread: Mobile phone Samsung SGH-F480 - Samsung response to the iPhone?

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    Mobile phone Samsung SGH-F480 - Samsung response to the iPhone?


    With market prices from the 319th - € (mobile phone without a contract) is the SGH F480 offer an exciting, because this course, the buyer a touch screen model in fine dress, which also shines through compact dimensions. The rich equipment includes, inter alia, UMTS, HSDPA with 7.2 Mbps, a 5-MP camera and a second camera for video telephony. Also integrates a radio and music player with many features. We were curious to see how the F480, in the practical test.


    The SGH F480 is very elegant (here with stainless steel battery cover)

    Two battery compartment cover in delivery - made of stainless steel and leather with a protective flap

    well eingepasste controls (with leather battery cover
    solid housing material, combined with good processing

    Stainless anmutendes Design

    Processing feature

    The first impression of optical / special features to support the design - The first impression of optical / special features to support the design

    The first impression of optical / special features to support the design - Elegant and refined acting touchscreen mobile phone made of stainless steel with chrome elements

    Housing material / surface quality - Plastic with chrome elements and stainless steel accents

    Housing dimensions - Size: 97.9 x55x11, 6 mm - handy forms and low weight with 101gr.

    Quality of the keyboard - Touchscreen control with fast response time and review or - effect (see a touch / a command and respond with mild vibration; reports thus the execution)

    Quality (sharpness / resolution) of the display - TFT LCD display with 262,144 colors and a resolution of 320x240 pixels. Colour good and clear presentation.

    Implementation of the folding or sliding- ///

    Quality of the battery cover - stable battery compartment cover in stainless steel with perfect fit

    The quality and extent of the supplied accessories - USB cable, software, user manual, headset, charger, two different battery compartment cover

    Conclusion processing - The design of the elegant and noble-looking mobile phone with touch screen operation is underlined with chrome and stainless steel accents. The weight and dimensions make the phone into a handy guide. The touchscreen has a fast response time. The suit seated battery compartment cover points for the SGH F480. The included accessories is a little more than the standard.

    Business functions

    5 MP camera with LED flash
    Internet options

    good and clear presentation of Internet pages
    Calendar view
    The profiles can be edited


    Supported networks - Triband, GSM: 900, 1800, 1900Mhz

    Data transmission - Bluetooth 2.0, USB, UMTS and HSDPA (7.2 Mbps)

    Reception and voice quality - The reception and the very good voice quality surprise. Voices have substance, clear sound and very low noise. Even with only average network coverage is the reception quality is relatively good

    Voice quality when the speaker - The medium volume still popular, also voices sound natural. At higher call volume is playing but somewhat distorted and not quite raunchily.

    Battery life (with normal use) - The battery life is 2-3 days. Then back on the Samsung charger

    Storage facilities contacts - First name, last name, display name, mobile home, private fixed-line, e-mail private, group, birthday, notes and other fields adding: business mobile, fixed network business, fax, etc., video call, e-business, private URL, URL business, DTMF, Group, news alert, nick name, company, position, address private, business address; highly praise that other fields can be added. Thus, the users the opportunity to his mobile phone to third, he freely chooses what is needed personally

    Profiles - Normal, dumb, car, meeting, outdoors, offline, The profiles can be changed and all on their own needs.

    Calendar options - Select View: day or week; New Add date, anniversary, holiday, important, Private; Go to: Today, date, event list: Date, anniversary, vacation, Important, Private; settings: weekly beginning Monday or Sunday; standard view: Monthly, Week, day, alarm events; memory status dates 100, anniversary 50, leave 50, Important 20, Private 20; (too low)

    Notes function - Input Method: ABC, NBC, ABC, T9Abc, T9 ABC, Numeric, EN = Input Language: 17 different languages; note map, add new ones, store, send by: message, e-mail or Bluetooth; delete selected several, all; in their own files; via Bluetooth print; Memory status: 20 notes a 100 characters; definitely too low

    Integrated Voice Recorder (Dictaphone) - Recording settings: Standard name, recording time: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 60 minutes, maximum size for MMS; recording, playback, send by post, e-mail or Bluetooth; Set as: Tone, Antonius, ringtone video call, ringtone Voice call; delete selected several, all; rename folder in thumbnail view, listing by: date, type, name, size, move: selected several; copy selected several; Bluetooth - visibility selected several; Protect; details: name, format, size, date: on / around, location, Forward; settings memory card details memory card, memory card format or rename Bluetooth visibility: on / off, the recording sounds real and has audible noise in the background.

    E-mail functionality - POP3, IMAP4, SMTP; fast download even larger emails with attachments

    Internet functionality - Good presentation and readability of Internet pages. Even with more complex construction sites are properly displayed, thanks to UMTS and HSDPA relatively quickly.

    PC synchronization - The USB data cable, as well as the software included. The software was very easy to install on Windows Vista. The SGH-F480 may differ from user to set their own needs. The choices are: to connect ask Samsung PC Studio, Media Player, mass storage. By recognizing the phones as a mass storage can easily files back and forth .

    Further facilities - Games, radio, voice memo, music recognition, video editing, image editing, FM radio, RSS Reader, memo, task, World Clock, calculator, conversion, timer, stopwatch; VGA camera with 640x480 pixels for video telephony

    The tri-band mobile phone lacks nothing as Bluetooth, UMTS and HSDPA 7.2 Mbps even with the SGH 480 at the rapid exchange of data they encounter. The voice at playback of the rather favourable integrated speakers, sounds fairly decent and only partially at too high volume krächzend something. The battery life of only 2-3 days meets the standard and is in our opinion, too low. The storage of contacts and personalize the profiles can not be criticized. Unfortunately, the calendar and notes with their low storage volume heavily criticised. When the integrated voice recorder comes out sounding real results, so you have light noise in the background also hinwegsieht. Emails are downloaded quickly. Even Internet sites with more complex page layout will be fairly decent, SGH F480. The Samsung is also from the PC as a mass storage detected and the synchronization, for example, with Windows Vista, runs entirely smoothly. The additional features evaluate the additional mobile

    Multimedia features

    5 MP camera with LED flash
    Additional clear settings of the camera - here in action

    Under the item "applications" to find the built-in voice recorder, the FM radio and etc.
    The Headphones sound good and fairly mature
    The music player comes with a high level of equipment and good sound
    Even the radio sound like a good

    Camera equipment - 5-megapixel camera with 2fachem digital zoom, LED flash, autofocus; Size: 2560x1920, 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480, 320x240; Blitz: automatic on / off; Timer: off, 3, 5, 10 sec; facial recognition: on / off; effects: no effects, black and white, sepia, negative; WB: automatic, daylight, light bulbs, fluorescent light, clouds; viewfinder mode: symbols, no symbols, guides; quality: SF = extra fine, fine = F, N = Normal, E = saving mode, ISO: automatic, 100, 200, 400; WDR: on / off; Metering: Matrix, Spot; single shot mode: recording and storage, automatic storage; image stabilizer: on / off; Auslöseton: 1 to 3, none; Zoomton: on / off, brightness tone: on / off; standard memory: Telephone ode memory card; recording mode: single shot, continuous shooting, mosaic recording, frames, panoramic shot, smile recording; post-processing options: Customize: brightness, contrast, color, cropping; Insert: Framework, clipart, smiley, text, set as wallpaper, caller picture, send by: message, e-mail, Bluetooth; Print: Bluetooth or USB; Undo

    Camera quality - Under normal lighting conditions and bright light provides the SGH-F480 very good results and the focused objects with natural colours and impeccable image sharpness dar. Even when moving motives succeeds a decent result to obtain - thanks to the short exposure time the results are sharp and well discernible. In the dark with virtually no external light lets us despite the SGH F480 LED flash somewhat in the lurch. The result is still reasonably sharp, but colors are very pale. In a lesser light, for example, in an area which some small lamps are lit, stings the SGH-F480 as some competitors and brings pluses here, as colors and shapes are easily recognizable.

    Video camera equipment - Recording mode: Normal, limit for MMS, flash, timer, effects, WB and standard memory, such as camera settings; microphone: on / off; search mode: symbols, no symbols; quality: F = fine, N = Normal, E = saving mode

    Video quality - Under normal lighting conditions and bright light is the result of very positive. Even with fairly rapid movements of the camera are only minimal pixel clouds to see (for the user probably not visible). Colors and shapes are natural. Only in the dark can not convince SGH F480 - there are hardly any contents.

    Facilities of the built-in music player - Format: 64 polyphonic ringtones, MP3, WMA, eAAC +, MIDI, WAV; forward, rewind, pause, stop, on A2DP device, to play list, add, play list: Currently, all Title: 1-5, no scoring; Details: artist, title, album, length of the title, genre, recording date, format and settings: repeat mode: off, 1x repeat, repeat all, random mode: on / off; background music: on / off; send by: message, e-mail or Bluetooth

    Sound quality of the music player - The integrated speaker is very convenient and can be placed its acoustic qualities fully unfold - and these are highly praise: For a mobile phone sounds the SGH-F480 dynamic and clear, but only when the bass should, as usual in mobile phones, due to the small Housing volume, which for the speaker is available, no sensations are expected. Samsung typically operates the headsets perfectly and ensures a homogeneous pleasant play, the emphasis by a smooth frequency ranges all positive notice: The easily understandable and not too sharp heights joins the mid clearly defined, this is at the lower end in a surprisingly precise bass.

    Radio yes / no, sound quality radio FM radio - on / off; headset on / off; search to favorites, favorites open up settings: background music: on / off; detection stations show: on / off; automatic alternative frequency: on / off; Radio Text: on / off ; Sender: listen, search, add, edit, remove selected, several all, as an alarm; program Note: Remembering 1 to 3, 30 places available channels; station name will be displayed, but unfortunately not with the frequencies below favorites saved . Very good representation of the various channels and almost rauschfreier background. Only in movement is a scrape to hear what is acceptable.

    Storage capacity - 223 MB internal memory for user data; Micro SD expandable to 4 GB


    Camera / video equipment and the picture quality to be achieved convince particularly in daylight or when used in areas with good lighting. Even in the night, the Samsung still significantly better results than a large part of the counterparty. The colour depth is reduced slightly, but the motive is still very evident also in terms of color quality. The operation of the Media Player is proving to be simply and easily. Radio and MP3 players also scored with a clear and verzerrungsarmen sound. Just like the relatively high storage capacity with 223 MB for user data, with the additional Micro SD cards up to 4 GB expandable externally.

    Handling / menus

    Touch screen with fast response
    Right and left buttons to take and end a call in the middle of shortcuts to program

    Graphically clearly presented - the menu easily recognizable symbols
    The message menu in clear presentation


    One-hand operation for the main functions - yes

    Call (Using menu "contacts") - Easy Run a call and trouble finding contacts

    Add / Create / Edit contacts - easy to create and add new contacts and edit existing.

    Readability of the display - On the day and night superior legibility of the display. In direct sunlight, however, have limitations in buying used, depending on the setting of the background

    Pressure point of the keyboard - fast response time of the touchscreen

    Handling the navigation elements to look up the menus - -- --

    Clarity of the menus - quite manageable menu with not too many sub-points

    Extent of the menus - meaningful extent menu

    Graphic design of the menus - Clearly visible through simple menu icons, modern graphic design

    Opportunity for the assignment of shortcut keys - So-called widgets offer users the opportunity, without detours, important functions directly on a programmed Valenzuela icon. Moreover, the average answer buttons and termination key to use and quick access can be programmed.

    SMS Handling - T9; selection of text; Element: image, audio, video, create element: photo, audio and video record; Paste: texts, text smiley, phone book, favorites; Recipients over the last recipient, phone book, group; list of recipients in MMS; page, 17 command languages; input method: Find the Right Word word add T9 Abc, T9 NBC, ABC, NBC, ABC, numerically, symbols; Subject add Annex Add file, business card, appointment, anniversary, private, holiday , Is important, task, memo, favorites; sending options in store designs, as template.

    Operation photo and video camera - Very simple operation of the photo / video camera and finding the light-sensitive settings. The photos / clips are automatically saved and are under My Documents to find.

    Operation music player - Law clear and simple operation of the MP3 player and easy to create their own playlists.

    Reading from memory cards - The reading of memory cards mastered the SGH F480 problems. All Micro SD cards (1, 2 and 4) and each subdivision of the media showed it correctly.

    File management - Move files and create your own folders.

    Conclusion -
    Easy to use, easy run, and adding contacts, good readability of the display and a rapid response of the touchscreen speak for the SGH-F480. The fairly straightforward and well-designed menu has a menu meaningful extent, by which programmed shortcuts or widgets quickly accessible. The ease of use of the photo / video camera, MP3 player and the simple handling when SMS write, are further plus points. The light creating folders heard as well. The reading of memory cards prepared the SGH F480 also no difficulties. Easily read it from 1 to 4 GB Micro SD cards and showed the breakdowns error.

    Total Conclusion

    The SGH F480 offers a superior performance. The very good optics, mobile phones and the TFT LCD screen surrounded by chrome elements that bring a touch of exclusivity to the overall picture. The internal radio music players, including scores with rich sound and good equipment. Thanks to HSDPA 7.2 Mbps with the Samsung offers download speeds almost as in the home network. The touch screen operation by the review or effect, which after touching a vibration feedback provenance - very practical. New are also the so-called Wedges. Important functions without detours immediately after touching the icons open - here should be the work speed increased. The integrated camera provides in daylight very good results and may even in the dark with low light, thanks to the intense lightning Approacher many other competitors. A second camera with 640 x 480s VGA resolution for video telephony is also on board and completes the equipment. Bilateralness is the SGH-F490 currently one of the most powerful touch screen phones on the German market and shows no understatement shortcomings, because even in the Mobile core disciplines and receive voice quality of the elegant mobile phone.

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    Samsung SGH-F480

    here are some more details

    Full Touch Screen
    • Large 2.8” QVGA LCD offers a full touch navigation experience
    • Haptic technology offers tangible feedback when you make a selection on the touch screen
    • New touch UI is intuitive and simple to use, offering a digilog (digital + analog) experience
    • Widgets allows you to customize the user interface with applications that move with drag-and-drop ease

    • Card-like size is portable enough to slip into pockets
    • Slim and minimal size fits comfortably in the hand
    • Luxurious leather case and brushed aluminium exterior
    • Cutting-edge and stylish Ice Silver body with hairline texture

    5 Megapixel Camera
    • 5 Megapixel camera takes stunning photos and video. Capture better-looking images with Auto Focus
    • Front facing camera lets you enjoy video conversations with other 3G/HSDPA users
    • Fun and convenient features include Smile Shot, Image Stabilization, Power LED and Quick View
    • Edit and enhance your photos, then upload them onto your blog directly from your mobile

    High-end Camera Feature
    • Face Detection automatically adjusts settings when you are taking photos of people; to ensure portraits turn out great
    • Smile Shot mode is able to identify when subject is smiling and automatically takes a picture
    • Smile Shot makes its worldwide debut on a mobile phone with the F480
    • These advanced features, usually reserved for high-end dedicated cameras, are available on this mobile phone

    • Enjoy superior sound with the audio technology by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower.
    • Embedded music player plays all music forms and includes and FM Radio with RDS
    • Easily store and organize your Music Library into folders and playlists using the large memory
    • Artwork from album covers are displayed as you scroll through your music selections
    • Download files quickly via USB 2.0 Full Speed, Bluetooth 2.0 or HSDPA 7.2Mbps

    HSDPA & Internet Experience
    • Enjoy a full internet experience with full browser support and connection speeds as fast as 7.2Mbps
    • Download large files quickly, stream video for instant playback or hold video conversations easily
    • Vertical and horizontal views offers optimum viewing of large content
    • Conveniently set up with Google Search and Gmail for hassle-free web searches and email

    • USB 2.0 High Speed facilitates fast data transfers and connections to mobile accessories
    • Bluetooth 2.0 provides faster wireless connection to peripherals including A2DP headsets
    • Faster connections enable you to download contents quicker
    • Enjoy enhanced usability and connectivity

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