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    Vote for your best ever Game

    Time for you all to choose your Best ever Game played untill now.
    What is it going to be?
    My favourites are this list, lol, as i liked every game very much.

    PS: Feel free to give any of your game lists as well, as this are one of my favourites, lol....
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    i like playing counter strike online with all competitors around

    i just finished hitman blood money & man its one heck of a game... i really liked this edition & also voted for it.

    I Wanted To Know If Resident Evil 4 Has Been Released For Pc??

    I Played Tomb Raider Legends & Seems To Like It Very Much

    well, for me its nfs most wanted is the best game for this year

    Jagged Alliance 2

    my fav is The Sims

    in my area most of us play counter strike online

    half life 2 on my pc...

    I Like Pc Man.. Hehehe

    I Like The Sims Game... Cool Graphics

    I Liked The Half Life 2

    i like splinter cell

    Doom 3 The Ultimate Game Of The Year

    Doom 3 the most awesome game of the year

    Resident evil 4

    Godfather.. its very similar to an old game Mafia

    Doom .
    my fav

    conter strike..

    plyayin it online makes me feel very happy

    Need for speed.

    i like any kinda games.. cause am a game freak ..lol

    sims, warcraft, etc

    i am playin the nfs carbon now.
    & i really liked its canyon race

    For me best ever Game is Diablo

    Need for speed is the best game in the world

    My favorite games are CS & Nfs

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    Resident evil 4... played it on my game cube, best horror game. my ratings 9/10

    i played nfs most wanted & hope that its new upcoming edition nfs carbon will have the same fun too

    hey dude, almost every game that is listed here are my favs too. what a coincidence

    i liked the nfs most wanted n am waiting for its next edition nfs carbon

    i like the sims & counter strike

    has anyone played tomb raider legend.. i enjoyed this fine work of EA games on my pc.

    hitmAn blood money & all its parts

    i aint no game freak but play a little sometime
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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    major favourite games are most wanted,doom, counter strike,etc.
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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Kishan
    I Wanted To Know If Resident Evil 4 Has Been Released For Pc??
    it is due to release in september....

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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    Doom is my fav...
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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    nfs most wanted , & now waiting for nfs carbon
    Waiting for (I know I cant afford em all): Halo 2 (xbox), Half-Life 2 (xbox), MGS3: Snake Eater (ps2), MGS: Twin Snakes (GC), Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (xbox), Gran Tourismo 4 (PS2), Mario Advance 4: Pikmin 2 (GC), Metroid Zero Mission (GBA), Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)

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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    Nfs Best For A Racing Game
    Hitman Best For Its Story Line & Way Of Becoming A Hitman Ourselves...lol
    Doom Best 3d Game
    Half Life 2 Again Best 3d Game
    Counter Strike Best Played Online.
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    I love counter-strike!!!!!!!!!!!

    rom total war
    dead to right
    freedom fighter

    these 3 games i liked most

    half life is best i love hl2 deathmatch, which is a great online fps btw it is free to download and legal aswell just get steam !!!! =]

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    Yogesh Guest
    And thats it! Counter-Strike rocks. With CS Source, its still more enthusiastic. The craze for battle between Terrorists and Counter Terrorists will never end

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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    Crysis is my favorate GAME

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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    how to play cs online

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    Re: Vote for your best ever Game

    Quote Originally Posted by himanshu09 View Post
    how to play cs online
    There are many servers/websites available on Internet with CS server. You can also play CS on Steam, Garena or Hamatchi. I found some articles here on this forum with guide/steps to play CS on the above mentioned servers, you should checkout them:
    How to play Counter-Strike online?
    How to play Counter Strike 1.6 on Hamachi Server
    Why cant I play Counter strike on Garena?

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